Love, Me

Ever been in Love at age sixteen? Me and Harry Styles were. He left me for the X-factor. He told me he was leaving in an interesting manner. Living without the person you love for a long time, is harder than you think. And we both found that out the hard way.


4. Chapter 4.

Chapter 4.

Sydneys POV

We sat up in my bedroom all day. Talking and catching up. I did miss him. 

I looked at my phone, it said it was 7:43. My parents will be here at 8! "Harry my parents are going to be home soon, you should probably get going." "Why? When we were younger I used to stay till 11 and your parents didnt care." He retorted back. "That was before you broke my heart."I said plainly, shutting him up.

He nodded and we both stood up and walked to the staircase. Like I said earlier its a circular staircase with rails and both sides. 

Me and Harry both looked at eachother smirking. "Race ya!" I shouted running for my railing and sliding down. Harry laughed and followed behind me on the other railing.

I got to the end and hopped off, sticking my landing. Harry then landed. "I won! Hahaha." I said laughing at him. "I what ever!" He said laughing.

There as sudden flash of a bright white light. It was my parents car parking in the drive-way! me and Harry looked at each other panicked. "Back door!!!!" i shouted at him. 

We hurried to the back door and stepped outside. "Bye!" I said, about to walk back inside, but was delayed by Harry grabbing my arm. "Wait! Can I see you again tomorrow?" "I dont know Harry. I think Im doing stuff tomorrow."

He stepped closer to me, towering over me and released my arm. He brought his right hand up to my face caressing it, leaning in closer, and closer, our lips almost touching. I put my hand on Harrys chest and pushed him away. "Harry. No." He dropped his hand down. "Im glad your back, but, I dont want to date you right now. I can see you've changed alot since the last time we saw each other." I said. 

"No I havent." He said showing he was already angry. "The old Harry didnt grab my arm when he was mad." I said looking down. Harry had his grip on my wrist. He let go. "Im sorry. But its going to take a lot more than just a big, unexpected reunion to win me back." I said. 

"Syd! We're home! Where are you love?" My mother screamed entering the house. "Uh, just outside! Be in, in a moment!" i shouted. I turned to Harry. "Ill text you later. I have to go, bye." "Bye." He said. 

Then he turned and started walking down the porch steps, towards his place. Like the last time he left me. 

I took a deep sigh, and walked inside my house. My mother was standing in front of our circular kitchen sorting out groceries. "Hi dear." She said not even glancing up at me. "Hi." I said coldly.

Over the course of the years my mother and I have drifted. She never trusts me. I dont know why. Ive done nothing wrong. 

I walked straight to my room. I walked in and locked the door. Staying away from her has always been the best option for me.

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