Love, Me

Ever been in Love at age sixteen? Me and Harry Styles were. He left me for the X-factor. He told me he was leaving in an interesting manner. Living without the person you love for a long time, is harder than you think. And we both found that out the hard way.


3. Chapter 3. Surprise

Chapter 3. Surprise

Sydneys POV

"Hi" He said shyly smiling. 'W-what are you doing here?" I said. "I wanted to see you." "You couldnt have texted me or called?!" He stepped closer and grabbed my hands in his. "I missed you. I want you back." I pulled my hands back, out of his and stepped back. "You broke my heart." He again stepped closer,now in my house. " I know what I did. It was a mistake. I told you, i only love you." 

"Is that why you stopped texting me for almost 2 years?! Thats not love Harry. We were just kids." I said trying to turn away. "No." He said grabbing my arm. "I dont want to lose you again! Please just let me explain!" I shook him away. "Whats to explain!? You cheated on me and moved on!! And so did I!" "It was just a one time thing Sydney!!" "BS!!! YOU CALL A THREE MONTH RELATIONSHIP A ONE-TIME THING?!! Then What do you call OUR 2 YEAR RELATIONSHIP?! NOTHING?!" I shouted at him with tears in my eyes.

He didnt say anything. He couldnt find the words to say. I had tears running, streaming down my face. I fell to my knees with my face in my hands and sobbed. Harry walked over to me and sat next to me and held me. "Of course it meant something to me. I know we were young. But I still loved you, and I still do. it just took me a while to realize it." 

I looked up at him, knowing Looked like hell. "I missed you so much." I said hugging him crying into his shirt.He hugged me, and held me tight. "I missed you too. I mean it."


Harrys POV

It felt so good to have her back in my arms. I cant screw this up again. 

Since she was basically sitting on my lap I picked her up and starting carrying her up the stairs bridal style. She wiped her tears away and was playfully hitting me screaming "Put me down!" I laughed. "No way!" 

I walked into her room and threw her on the bed and started tickling her. After a while I stopped and fell backwards next her. We were laughing really hard. After a bit I got up and walked around. Alot had changed. New pictures were on her wall, new posters, new bed sheets, new everything. I looked closely at one picture on the wall. It was Sydney standing with another guy.

"Whose that?" i asked pointing to his face. She got up and stood next to me. "Oh thats just a friend of mine. His name is Levi."  "Did you date him?" I asked with my jealousy showing. "Kinda. It wasnt for that long though. We had been friends for too long and decided to just stay that way." 

I was still jealous. "Are you still friends with him?" "Ya, of course! He's like my best guy friend. I would still be a huge mess without him." I was really tense. I have never been so jealous of someone before.

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