Love, Me

Ever been in Love at age sixteen? Me and Harry Styles were. He left me for the X-factor. He told me he was leaving in an interesting manner. Living without the person you love for a long time, is harder than you think. And we both found that out the hard way.


2. Chapter 2.

Love, Me

Chapter 2.

Sydneys POV

(Still just a flashback of the past.)

I collapsed to my knees, holding on to his letter and rose. I immediately starting crying. Why didnt he tell me.

I cried and cried. I mustve cried my self to sleep because I woke up around 4 hours later. I got up and folded up the letter and put it in my pocket. I walked back home examining the rose.

I got in the house and told my mother everything. I cried a few times but forced myself to stop. I dont know what to do now. I walked upstairs and laid down on my bed, looking at the picture of me and Harry when we went to homecoming together. I starting hugging my pillow and grabbed my phone. 5 missed messages from, you guessed it. Harry.

Harry: Hey babe

Harry: Im sorry

Harry: I know I should have told u face to face.

Harry: I really am sorry

Harry: Plz just watch the show. Please.

I didnt know how to respond. My heart has been shattered. My chest is literally hurting from heartache. 

I turned off my phone and walked back down stairs to the living room. "Sami give me the remote." I said to my 11 year old sister. "No your not the boss of me!" She said back. I crossed my arms. "Mom!!!" She hurried and gave me the remote. "Okay Okay!" I sat on the couch and changed the channel from The Power Rangers to the X-Factor. 

It has already started. But then I saw the boy with curly brown hair walk on stage. My heart stopped. "Oh my gosh! Is that-" I cut her off mid sentence. "Yes." 

He started singing. Isnt she lovely. Our song. It was perfect. There was no way he wouldnt make it. This was the sign. This was it. 

It was completely quiet in our house. "Harry, for all the right reasons, Im gonna say no." Louie said. "NO!!!!!" I shouted at the Telly as if it could actually transmit my words so he can hear them. "I like you Harry so Im gonna say yes." Nicole said. "Yes!!!!" I shouted. C'mon Simon! "You'll be happy to hear that I am agreeing with Nicole." Simon said. "YESSS!!!!!!" I shouted. 

That was only the beginning.After the show I texted Harry back. I said I still love him, and that I'll support him. He promised to keep me out of the spotlight. In which he did. I supported him all through out the X-Factor. Even got to meet the boys. All very nice.

But once again, my heart was shattered. He cheated on me with Caroline Flack. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Just not so soon I guess. 

One of my friends told me. I texted Harry and asked him if it was true, he didnt deny it. I told him that it was over. He begged for it not to be. I told him it was for the best. Until he had everything sorted out straight. 

And that was the end of us texting for a long time. It still hurt me seeing him with these different women. But I had a few more boyfriends too. But none could compare to Harry. No one. There was still a hole in my heart where he used to be. Maybe he's still there.

I still miss him but I know I have to move on. While he was gone I still lived at the same house with My mom , dad, and sister. We traveled a bit. We went to the states for a while. We lived there first for a while but moved to Cheshire when I was little. Illinois was great. We only went back to look at colleges there. I looked at alot but Im applying to University of Illinois. It has a really good sports program and Fine Arts program.


Present day

December 28th ,2013

qSydneys 18 


I gazed out my window. Watching the snowflakes flutter and spiral to ground, already smothered in snow. I watched how it sparkled so brightly. It was beautiful. 

I was sitting in my room, second floor. My window was big enough so I could sit on the inner or outer part of it. I got up and walked over to my vanity and sat down on the chair. I grabbed my hair brush and began to brush my long blonde hair. Naturally wavy. I already applied my mascara and eye liner. I was wearing my faded blue skinny jeans, light blue cami and loose dark purple sweater.

Buzz! Buzz! I heard my phone buzzing on my bed side table. I got up and grabbed it. It was a text from my cousin who still lived in the states. I was about to text back when I heard someone knocking at the door. I locked my phone and put it in my back pocket. "Coming!" I was the only one home. Mom and Dad are on business, and Sami is at a friends house.

I ran out of my room and to my staircase. It had a slick rail so it was perfect for sliding down. It went in a curved line so it was awesome for whenever I got bored. Which happens alot. 

I slid down the railing and jumped off towards the door. I fixed my hair and calmed down from the thrill. I opened the door and something happened to me that hasnt happened for a long time. My heart sunk. Standing there on my front porch, as snow fell. Harry Styles. I couldnt speak. "Hi." He shyly smiled.



A/N hey humans of E-Arth!! Sorry if this chapter was a bit boring:/ itll get better though! Hopefully. M-Kay byee

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