Love, Me

Ever been in Love at age sixteen? Me and Harry Styles were. He left me for the X-factor. He told me he was leaving in an interesting manner. Living without the person you love for a long time, is harder than you think. And we both found that out the hard way.


1. Chapter 1. Beginnings

Love, Me

Chapter 1. Beginnings

Sydneys POV

"Hahaha! Harry stop!" I screamed as Harry threw popcorn at me. We were sitting at our usual hangout. The open meadow. It was far back behind my house. Beautiful daisies filled it with some apple trees ripe with fruit. Everytime we came out here together, we always packed a blanket, drinks, and some snacks. Which of course, today Harry brought popcorn.

There is also a pond back here too, not that far. 

"Hahaha no way!" He said as he continued to throw popcorn at me. "You're such a dork!" I stood up and starting to jog away from him, knowing he was following behind me still throwing popcorn. "Come back here!" "Catch me!" I was wearing my blue sundress and sandals with my hair down in curls. 

He chased me into the shallow part of the lake and tackled me down.We were laughing so hard. Harry was leaning over on top of me. We slowly stopped laughing. He looked deep into my eyes as I looked into his. Our lips met and like all of our kisses, there was a spark. He helped me stand back up and we walked back to our blanket.

We sat on the blanket and watched the sun go down. The beautiful shades of red, orange and pink mixed together. Harry put his jacket around my shoulders and sat next to me. Close enough so I could easily lean my head on his shoulder as he softly sang Isnt She Lovely. Our song.

"It's so beautiful." I said. " I know someone even more beautiful." "Who?" "You." I turned away and blushed. "Why do you do that?" I looked back at him. "Do what?" "You always shake you head when someone calls you beautiful." I shrugged. "Because its not true." He shook his head at me. "Everyone else can see it, everyone else but you." I laid my head on his shoulder.

Harrys POV

This day was great. I always have a good time with her. I just wish I could get the guts to tell her I was leaving. 

"This day is so perfect. I wish it didnt have to end." She said. "Me too." I need to tell her. Now. But how? I. I think. "Syd." "Ya?" I took in a deep breath. "I think I love you." The biggest smile grew on her face. " I think I love you too." I smiled and kissed her. Being sixteen its a big thing to say. But, I dont care.

I looked at my phone. "Its seven-thirty-six. I had better get going." I said sadly. "She frowned. "Okay. Walk me home?" I nodded.

I helped pack up the stuff and we walked hand in hand back to her house. I need to tell her. But how can I? I cant bear to see her cry. She does that alot. And the next time she does, I wont be there to tell her she'll be okay.

We walked up the porch steps and stood in front of the back door. "Bye. Love you. Text me, Okay?" I nodded. "Love you too." We then hugged like we always did when we left eachother. I held in longer than usual. We pulled away and she went inside. I started on my walk back to my house.

I cant believe I didnt tell her! Now what am I supposed to do? "Ugghh." I groaned to myself. I walked inside my house as my mother greeted me. "Hi hun, are you ready and sat for tomorrow?" "Ya." I said walking up the stairs to my room. "Did you tell Sydney dear?" I ignored her and walked into my room.

I collapsed onto my bed, facing up and looking at my ceiling. Looking around my room. At all my posters and pictures. I looked to my right, bed-side table. There sat the picture of me and Sydney at home-coming. She looked beautiful. 

I got up and walked over to my desk, grabbed a sheet of paper and a pen. I began writing a letter. I finished it around 8:30. I signed it, and put it in an envelope. I snuck past my mothers room, as she was sound asleep, and walked downstairs and out the door. I walked through the dark t Sydneys house. I walked to the park yard and to the field. We always sat by a big oak tree every time we met up. There was also a rotted out hole in it. I secured the letter in the tree. But before I walked home, I walked to a secret place,even Syd dont know about it. I walked through the woods and found it. A red rose bush. The same rose bush that where I got the rose I gave Sydney when I first asked her out. I broke off one of the roses and walked back to the tree. I put it on top of the letter. And walked back home

Awaiting the very next day. Where I would try out for the X-Factor, and possibly lose the love of my life.


Sydneys POV

I woke up at 8 in the morning and grabbed my phone to see if I got any new messages. None.

Hmm, I'll just text Harry. Thirty minutes later. No answer. I got out of bed, brushed my hair, put on the shorts and a T-shirt. I walked downstairs and out the back door. 

I walked to the meadow. I looked around. No sign of Harry. I walked towards the big oak and saw something in it. I jogged over and grabbed it. It said my name on the outside of it.There was also a red rose with it. I held it as I read the letter.

Dear Syd,

Im sorry I couldnt tell you before. Im leaving. I'm trying out for the X-factor.

I know I should have told you face-to-face. But, I couldnt. I couldnt bear to see you so sad. I dont want to break up. I still really do love you. Very much. But I wanted to remember you happy, and not leave you seeing you cry.

I know this is going to make you cry. I wanted to cry too. You are too good for me. I will understand if you never want to speak to me again. But please dont just forget about me. I still love you. 

I want to tell you something. Im going to be televised while I audition. I want to give you a sign. Please watch me. You will know it when you see it. I promise.

I know I've told you several times throughout this letter. And this proves to show that I mean it. I really do. I love you. And only you.





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