short glimpses

Just short stories ...


4. Zayn the picture teacher

Zayn Malik! The teacher who showed the students how to paint art. He was every girl's dream and everyone looked at him with wide eyes. Zayn was looking so good, he was charming and he knew what he was talking about. He was tattooed and just looked so totally sexy.


You had your eyes on Zayn more than the painting, yet gave you your soul into the art. You wanted him to give you credit for it, and you wanted him to see what you painted. Zayn went around among the easels. He helped students and stopped right as it was in front of your painting. 
"Good!" he mumbled and met your gaze. He smiled that charming smile to just you and your whole body tingles.
"Thank you!"
Zayn pointing at the painting and gives you tips and hints for improvement.
"And the colour of the skin, you can do a little more real if you mix in more red ink."
You feel his hand behind your back and you feel how he takes an easy hold of your waist. Zayn standing near you and describe how you will do. It's as if he's putting extra energy into your education and you smile. He looks at you and your face ends up just a few inches from his. 
"You can stay after class if you want." he whispered almost seductively. "I can help you if you want?" 
You nod and feel how your cheeks turn red. You feel how he almost caresses your back, before he let you go and move on. He gives you a long look before he uncovers another student.


All the other students leave the classroom and your left alone. Zayn said you could stay, yet you become insecure. He closes the door and seems to clean up a bit before he comes over to you. You feel how he stands behind you and let his hands rest on your waist. You feel how your legs are shaking and you try to concentrate on painting. 
"Nice ..." he mumbles in your ear and you feel his lips almost touching your cheek. "You are good Y / N at this." 
He takes his arms around your stomach and push your body lightly against him. You moan. Doe's he flirts with you or he's just annoys you? Yet you stand there and try to continue painting on the board. Zayns hands slide down over your belly and pulls up the shirt from your pants. You close your eyes and give up. His hands slide inside the fabric and stop at your breasts. He caresses them and you feel how he pushes his boner against your back. Zayn groans and you understand that he wants to seduce you. You don't mind and it's almost like all the dreams that you had. You have so many times fantasized about how he makes love to you on the floor and how he caresses your skin. It almost feels like a dream and you let him continue. You choose to put away the brush and palette. You helping him to dress your shirt off and you turn around to him. Zayn looks at you with an excited look, and he let his hands caress your naked skin. 
"Tell me if you don't want....." he mumbles uncertain, however you want. You instead takes your arms around his neck and kisses him. Zayn answering directly the kiss and takes his arms tightly around your back. He shows with the whole body that he wants you and he groans. He lifts you up in and you take your legs around his waist. You can't get enough of kissing and he lets his tongue meet your tongue. It will be like a fight between you, who's the worst?


In the end, he pushes you up against the wall and pulling off his shirt. You feel on his chest and your kiss is passionate. You want to go all the way and you feel that he wants the same. Zayn begin to slowly rub himself between your legs and you feel his cock, even if you have pants on you. Eventually it becomes almost too much and you take your hands down, and unbutton your pants. Direct releases Zayn you down on the floor and helps you to undress completely naked. He looks at your body as if it were art and you love the way his eyes sliding over your body. Zayn kiss your neck down to your chest and you can feel his lips almost eat your skin. He slides down over the stomach and in the end he lets his tongue meet your clitoris. Direct separates you easy on the legs and takes your hands tightly over his head. You feel how the tongue perfect moves across the field and he seems to know what he's doing. Meanwhile he pulls his pants off and sits down naked in front of you. He let a finger to help and eventually the finger penetrates inside you. You stand there and you feel how your legs are shaking. You'll feel the full impact over you and you groaning loudly. 


Zayn looks up at you and he notes that you are so excited that you just might be. He stands up and lifts you up against the wall. You bring your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. His hands are under your butt and he keeps you steady up against the wall. Slowly he pushes in his cock and you feel how he fills you. He constantly looks into your eyes and you see the desire in him. When he has penetrated all the way he smiles and kisses you again. You feel how he's slowly starting to move on his body and you feel how he stimulates the hole you. You groaning against his lips and tries to get him to move faster. Eventually he bounces hard in you and he groaning catch up with you. You feel his hands almost hug your butt and how he covers himself with pleasure. You hear how it tastes between your legs and you know you are so wet that you can be.


Zayn sets you down on the floor and turn you around. He forces you to lean foreward to the wall. You let your hands almost caressing the wall and you feel how he spreads your buttocks. His cock finds its way back into you, and quickly he starts to fill you up again. You hear how he groaning and he begins to rapidly move on the hip. You keep your hands hard against the wall not to bounce into with your head. Zayn lets a hand slide around your stomach and his thumb started to caressing your clit. The other hand holds your waist and hard takes your body to and fro. He makes you moan and you feel how he affects the whole you. The thumb moves faster and eventually you can't keep up anymore. Your legs are shaking and you can barely stand up anymore. Zayn notice it, that's because he lets you off and put you down on the floor. He sits beneath you, and lift up your legs over his shoulders. He enters again and this time it's for you to come. He moves quickly, letting his hand caress your clitoris quickly. You whimpers, you groaning and you show the entire body how wonderful it is. Eventually the orgasm comes and you scream out straight. You shake so you can't lie still and whole you are like a volcano erupting.


Zayn settles down perfectly on top of you. He moves quickly and taking the dick quickly in and out. He kisses you and takes his hands around your body. He's near and he wants to come. You feel that he's sweaty and your bodies are glued together. He comes and he whimpers. He's bringing his cock one last time in and you feel how it shaking of orgasm. Full Zayn whimpers and he presses his face against your neck. Eventually ebbing the orgasm out and he gets remaining lying on you.


You take on the clothes without a word. It's as if it's something that happened and you don't intend to tell a single person about it. Before you leaving the room hugging Zayn you and gives you a quick kiss. 
"I've wanted to do it for long." he mumbles and looks into your eyes. "It's wrong for me to exploit a student, but just let us know that it has happened?" 
You nod. While you're disappointed that you didn't become a couple, are you still happy. You both wanted and you both got it.

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