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Just short stories ...


2. When friends become one. (Niall)

It wasn't the best day of your life and you were not in the mood to do anything after school. The only thing you had in your head where to take you home and put you in bed. Slowly you walk along the street and you kicked irritably away stones to emphasize that you were angry. You didn't notice that someone came up to you and that someone seemed eager to plan something else with just you. Not until you felt two hands covering your eyes.
"Guess who!" said a well-known Irish voice, and you couldn't help but smile.
He laughed and took his hands away from your face. Then he showed up beside you and smiled that charmed smile that only he could smile.
"How did you guess me?"
You looked at him that he joked with you. He was always in a mischievous mood, but you liked it. Niall did so that you always smile and you two were great friends. Although you many times had wanted more, you remained nothing more than just good friends.
"You will never be able to fool me." you replied and smiled big. He took company with you and you walked slowly toward your house.
"Shall we find something to do together?" he asked. You knew he'd changed your plans. Instead of lying under the covers and feeling lousy, you wanted to actually do something.
"Okay, but I have to go home and leave my bag."


You came into your hall and you hear your mother wash the dishes in the kitchen. You shouted something so that she would know that you were at home.
"Shall we go home to you or what?" you ask Niall. Directly he takes off his jacket and shook his head. You see on him that he's more curious to be in your house.


Although you don't like it, you take off your jacket and you go up the stairs and into your room.
"It's a long time since I was here." Niall mumbled and threw away his own bag on the floor. You smile weak and thinking about what there's to do in your room. Niall seemed not to care, and sit down on your bed. The only thing you're thinking about is music. You go up to stereo and put on one of the disks that you have.
"Any particular music?" you asks insecure and turn around to see Niall. Directly he shook his head and looks at you. You notice that he no longer seems to want to play around with you, and he smiles charmingly and seemed more interested in just you.
"Come and sit down." he muttered, and shows with his hand that you can sit next to him. You aren't sure, but at the same time you want to sit there with him. You nod a little bit and go to bed. You place yourself next to him and try to listen to the music. 


Without that you are prepared for that, you feels Nialls hand against your thigh. He lets his hand slide up under your dress and you feel how he let his hand rest on your thighs. It's not the usual that he trying to touch your body, That's why you look at him questioningly. Niall just smiles and leans slightly towards you. You feel how his lips reaches your cheek and how they caress you all over the skin. Nialls hand slides down between your legs and his fingers find your opening. You have your panties on, still you feel what he's doing with his hand. You moan directly and part easy on the legs. Niall seems like your reaction and let your lips meet. You feel how he kisses you and how his hand moves up perfectly over the clit. He leans more toward you and seems to want to do everything with you. His kisses are absolutely gorgeous and he seems to know what he's doing. The hand slides up and inside your pants edge. He hesitates a bit before it slides down and lands again on your clit. 


Without you know how, you landed on your back in bed. Niall pull you up and lies down on top of you. He continues to kiss you and you notice that he's pulling off your panties completely. He lets his hand slide back down to your sensitive part, but this time he's more intense with his hand. You spreads your legs and lets him continue. He lets his tongue slip in between your lips and it becomes almost a battle between your tongues. All you think about is that he's on top of you. Your glad that he really touching you. You've dreamed about that so many times and you can't say no, not to him. Instead, you takes your arms around his neck and let him lead the way. A finger slides in you and direct you to moan. He starts gently moving his finger in and out. You moan some more and almost forget to continue kissing him. Niall smiling directly and unbuttoning his own pants with the other hand. He pulls them down and let his member be free. He lets his finger continue excite you and he even let finger finger number two penetrate. You are close to scream, but bite your lip so your mom don't hear what you are doing.


Finally Niall takes his hand away and replacing the void with his member. He penetrates and you feel how he fills every inch of you. You whimpers against his lips and closes your eyes. Niall penetrates all the way and you hear him breathing heavier. He stops to kiss you and instead let the hips start working. He pushes his dick in and out in a calm pace. You bring your legs around his waist and follows his movements. You feel how he starts to kiss your neck and his hands find their way up to your two breasts inside the dress. He caresses them and get your nipples to react. You moan even higher but trying not to be too loud. Niall expands and you hear the smacking sound each time he enters. He bounces faster towards your body and he moans of pleasure.


After a while he suddenly sit down beneath you and forces you to sit up. He sits down on the bed and you be sitting astride in his lap. He makes sure that he penetrates and he force down your body over his cock. You take your arms tightly about his body and obey him. You start riding him and he keeps you firmly. His lips are against your ear, and he moans every time you sit completely down. He forces you to pick up the pace and you feel that he will soon reach the peak of climax. He groans, his pants and he forces you to pick up the pace even more. In the end, he pushes his arms around you and forces you to stay completely down. You feel  how he's shaking and how he fills you. He whimpers against your cheek and displays with his full body how the orgasm flows through his body.


Afterwards, he forces you down on your back again. He brings his hand between your legs and look you straight in your eyes. He still sitting up but let the hand caress you fast over clit. It's not long before you feel the whole body gets hot. He lets two fingers penetrating and direct, you begin to shake. You put a pillow over your head to keep from crying, and you let the orgasm wash over your body. You can't lie still and pressing your pussy up against his hand and shakes.


"Y / N" says Niall when you calm down. "I've wanted to do this for a long time, with you, but I didn't dare to try."
You remove the pillow from your face and looks at him.
Niall smiles and lies down on top of you again. He kisses you lightly and continue to smile.
"I've wanted to do everything with you for a year, but I didn't dare to try."
You become almost shocked.
"But it's I who have gone around and wanted you."
Niall giggled directly and was pleased with the answer, or with what you said.
"Good, because then I'll stay by your side for a while."

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