short glimpses

Just short stories ...


6. Unexpected meeting with Louis

It was such a day when it all went wrong. You woke up late, you didn't have time to eat breakfast and it rained. When you was coming to the school, was your hair like a bird's nest and you only had wet clothes on the body. You had totally missed that you would have a test, and you could barely answer the questions. Eventually the day was over and you would finally go home. You obviously missed the bus and immediately you realized that the day couldn't get any worse. You couldn't walk all the way home, so to pass the time you went into a clothing store. You walked slowly between the clothes and looked at them with tired eyes. You hadn't tempted to buy something, but you wanted to make the time pass.


Right as it was caught your eye the guy who worked there. He was good looking, slim and had tattoos. He smiled wide and his whole body was mischievous. You had no idea why he was attracted to you, but you definitely liked his eyes. He helped some customers and took charge from them. He really was a service man who made ​​everyone feel good. He could joke and you heard how customers laughed at his jokes. The guy was really someone special and you were curious. Yet did you know that you shouldn't talk to him. You didn't want to buy clothes and you just wanted the next bus would come.


"Can I help you?" 
You met his gaze and blushed instantly. You shook your head slightly and didn't know what to say. The guy seemed still happy and he looked at you with curious eyes. 
"You have been here for an hour?" 
Huh? Had he seen you come into the store? You almost got embarrassed and stammered.
"I'm waiting for a bus!" 
He stood in front of you and seemed to ponder. 
"Okay Then you wait for a bus here?" 
You flushed again. 
"It's raining and I'm wet. There's a bus about two hours and I don't want to be outdoors."

He seemed amused by your appearance and looked down on your clothes. 
"Well I see that you are wet!" he got out. "It's okay if you stay. Want to sit in the break room?" 
You looked up and met his gaze. He looked at you with blue eyes and he just seemed more curious about who you were. 
"My name is Louis!" he said quickly and shown in you into a room behind the cash register. He pulled out a chair for you and looked at you. "Who are you?" 
You gulped and sat faint down on the chair. 
"Y / N. .." 
Louis didn't let you with his eyes and seemed to want to continue talking to you. 
"I'm off in an hour. I can take you home?" 
You was amazed and meets his eyes. 
He laughed a little bit. 
"I'm a nice guy who rescues girls who are in need?"


Louis was out in the store and helped customers, but when the store was empty, he came out to you again. You talked and laughed. Actually the day started to become okay. You enjoyed his attention and you could tell he was flirting with you. Louis drove you home to your little apartment. When he stopped the car, did you realize that you didn't want him to go away.
"Want to come in?" 
It was as if he was hoping for that question. Louis nodded immediately and opened the car door. 
I want to see how you live."


You just had one room and a small kitchen. You were still wet clothes and you knew you had to change clothes in front of him. It felt strange and you hesitated. Louis understood why you stood and hesitated. Directly he smiled at you and came up to you. 
"I've seen girls in just underwear many times." 
You blushed and swallowed 
"But you haven't seen me?" 
He shook his head and picked up a blanket from your sofa. He held it up in front of him so that he only saw your face. 
"Everything for your sake!" 
You blushed and smiled gratefully to him. Slowly you begin to undress your clothes and put them on the bed. In the end, you just stand with your ​​panties. Louis becomes aware of it and without that you have time to react, he releases the blanket to the floor. He looks at your body and has big eyes. 
"Damn, you are more beautiful without clothes." 
Okay, you blush, but at the same time, you was annoyed. Yet, you doesn't resist when Louis comes up to you. He takes his hands around your waist and sets you straight towards him. He looks down at your chest and down on your stomach. 
"You have a wonderful figure."
You blush and feel his hands sliding around your waist. He takes his hands around your body and press you against him. Without asking if he can, Louis kiss you. His lips moved over yours and you can't get enough. He has something that attracts and you can't figure out what it is. The only thing you know is that he affects you. The kiss becomes more and more passionate and eventually start your tongues to play with each other. Louis groans and quickly pull down your panties. He presses you up again against his body again and he backs you up against the bed.


It ends with him putting you down on the blanket and he lands next to you. He looks down at your body and shows with his face that he's horny. He lets his hand massaging your body and slowly finds the way down between your legs. You spreads your legs and feel how he slowly begin to caressed you perfectly over the clitoris and your vagina. You moan even stop to think about what happens. Louis bends over you and you feel his tongue start to play with your nipples. He moves his hand faster and his lips seem to want to discover your body. You moan and you feel how his finger enters. Louis begin slowly to move his finger in and out. You moan, you gasp and you feel that he's in control over your body. Louis lets finger number two penetrate and directly reaches he the g-spot. You whimpers and lifts the hip in his pace. You push against his hand and you can feel your whole body shake. Louis let his lips slide over your breasts up against your lips. When he comes up to your mouth he smiles big.
"Can I have sex with you?"
You nod and take your arms around his neck. You force him to kiss you again, and you feel his fingers moving faster. When you almost reach climax, he suddenly removed his hand. He pulls down his own pants, and instead his cock against your pussy. Louis lies down on top of you and he fills the void with his member. He penetrates and you feel how he reaches all the way in. You pull directly off his shirt and let your hands caress his skin. Louis smiles and begin slowly moving on his hips. He moves perfectly and you whimper for more. He spreads your legs even more and you feel how he's accelerating rapidly. You start to kiss Louis and he answers the kiss right away. He whimpers against your lips and you feel how his whole body was moving. He brings his cock in and out faster and in the end he's near to come.


Louis takes his member out of you and stand up. He takes your hand and force you up on the floor. He takes you to the kitchen table and puts you up on the table top. He spreads your legs and penetrates again into you. You whimpers directly and take your arms around his neck. You feel how he again fills you up and he begins to moved on the hip quickly. You whimpers and feel his lips against your neck. It's as if he knows what he wants and he will do anything to get it.


He forces you down on your back on the table. You lie down and look up at him. Louis is red in the face and you see how his whole body works. He looks down at your body and allows one hand to caress you over the clitoris. You groans and whimpers. You raise your legs over his shoulders and you let him do what he wants to do with you. The table moves back and forth by Louis moves and you hear how it squeaks. You know that the neighbours certainly hear what you're doing, but you don't care. Louis moves so perfectly inside you and his fingers makes you to reach climax. You whimpers and you feel how the whole body's shaking in all the emotions. You almost reach the end when he suddenly stopped up and pants straight out.
"I don't want you coming before me."
You breathe rapidly and look up at him. He penetrates from you and takes you down to the floor again. He turned your stomach against the refrigerator and part of your buttocks. You feel how he penetrates and soon he begins again to move on the hips. He let one hand slide around your stomach and he caresses you between the legs. You scream almost straight out and push your forehead against the refrigerator. Louis sweat and you feel that he really works with the whole body.
"Damn, you are beautiful!" he hisses and kisses your neck. He moves faster and faster. His fingers penetrates inside you and you feel how he makes you shake. He reach your g-spot again and you whimper. In the end, you can't prevent your body to boil over. You press yourself against the fridge and feel how the whole body's shaking. Louis pressed himself up against you and you feel how he takes your orgasm with the whole hand. You whimpers and are barely able to stand on your legs


Louis takes his hand away and turn you around to face him. He lifts you up fast and keeps you steady with his hands under your butt. He penetrates again and presses hard your body against the refrigerator. You take your arms around his neck and feel how he works quickly to reach the end. In the end he spans himself and shakes. He squeezes his member one last time inside you and he whimpers against your cheek.


You feel how he slowly relaxes and finally he looks dull into your eyes. 
"Can we do it again?" 
You smile and nod slightly. He kisses you and let you down on the floor. That's when both of you can hear your neighbour under your apartment's angry. 
"Can't you fucking be quiet?" did you hear him shout. Louis laughs direct and notes that the neighbour hit the walls in anger. 
"But next time we get to be in my apartment?"

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