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5. Night with Liam

The party is in full swing and you can not believe you ended up at the same party as Liam. He doesn't know you and he's not the one you talk to.


"Can't we do the key game?" you hear a girl cry. Everyone starts to mumble and you wonder exactly what kind of game that is. Your friend Kim comes up to you and smiles. 
"You'll like it!" she whispers to you. "All the guys put a key in a bowl, then we girls take a key., You can get any guy, but throughout the night, he's yours." 
You blush and think about what that means. Kim knows that you are shy and laugh a little bit. 
"You don't need to have sex, but usually it leads to sex, more or less."


A glass bowl is carried in and immediately begins the guys to put a key in it. Several chooses their car key and finally the dish's nearly filled. A guy stands beside the dish and smiling at everyone. 
"Girls, this evening, you might get lucky and get me?" 
Everyone laughs and you find that many have only one thing on their mind. You don't want to have sex and you don't feel like participating, but you dare not argue. The girls start one and one to go up to the dish. You notice that portion girls get excited but some disappointed. Self, you shake all over and don't know if you dare. Still, you are forced to go up to the dish. You don't have any idea what key you should take. Nevertheless, you choose one and lifting it up. Direct stands Liam next to you and he takes your hand in his. 
"You got me." 
You swallow and blushes. He laughs a little bit and leans his face against your ear. 
"Were you disappointed?" 
You shook your head, smiling faintly. The only thing you are wondering about is what to do with him? Will he be disappointed when he notices that you are a coward? Maybe he had planned everything and now he got to put up with you?


Many disappear off and almost seems to know where they were going. Liam leads you onto the couch and you remain in the room for a while. Liam talking with his friends and they seem to wait for the right moment to get started with what they want to do. Finally, he looks at you and smiles weakly. 
"If you want we can go off for a round, then you don't need to do anything with me and we can actually just hang out." 
You nod directly and feel how you become lighter in body. You take a breather and are glad that he didn't want to have sex with you. 
"Come on!" he whispers tenderly and takes your hand. He pulls you out to the car and before you know it, you are on your way out of London.


Eventually Liam park the car outside a small cabin. He smiles and gives you a quick glance. 
"Mom rent this place and I think that we can be here for a while?" 
You nod and follow him out of the car. You go into the house and you like directly the place. A kitchen, a toilet, two bedrooms and a family room. There's a fireplace in the cottage and Liam light a fire in it. He makes sure that it gets hot in the room, then he takes drink and some snacks on the table. He sits down next to you on the couch and you are looking into the fire. 
"Thank you!" you say and smile then against him. "I thought you guys would force us girls to ... have ... sex ..." 
Liam laughed and shook his head. 
"No, it's just the girls who think it's the only thing we want to do and I wasn't actually in for it., I have a dilemma, as all don't agree with." 
You are amazed. 
He blushes and nods a little bit. 
"I have a great ... a really great one as everyone can't handle." 
You don't understand what he's talking about, so Liam clears his throat and seemed almost more embarrassed about the topic. 
"I have a big cock ..." he murmured after a moment. "It's not every girl who can handle it and it's difficult to have sex sometimes." 
Okay you get curious, peering down at his pants. Liam continues to blush and see what you thinking about. 
"I will not show it to you!" 
You blush even now and decide to look back into the fire. 
"I don't want to see it!"
He laughed. 


After a while, you still can't stop thinking about what Liam has between his legs. The topic strays in about sex and actually you can talk to him about it. You aren't used to talking about it, but with Liam, you feel you can talk about anything. 
"So are you a virgin?" he asks suddenly. You blush lightly and nods. He smiles at you and he understands why you didn't want to have sex. He takes his arm around your shoulders and sits down near you. 
"I'm glad you got me?" 
You nod and smile big. You meet his gaze and notice that he looks at you with a curious gaze. It's as if you attract him, but on friendly level. He seemed to ponder for a while on the topic, 
"Have you ever kissed a guy?" 
You shook your head slightly and look into the fire again. 
"Nobody wanted to kiss me."
Liam doesn't let you go with his eyes and he seems to be amused by that you don't have experience. 
"No? If I were a guy I would kiss you all the time. Seriously, I think it's you who are shy," 
You give him a quick glance. 
"You're a guy and don't kiss those like me and yes, I'm shy."
Liam smiles with his whole face and raised his eyebrows. 
"And if I kiss you now?" 
You blush and don't know what to say. Without that you have time to collect yourself, he leans towards you, and your lips meet. He kisses you gently and you feel how soft his lips are. It's as if he's testing you and after a while he gets a little more intense. You take lightly your arms around his shoulders and feels how he takes his arms around your body. He lies down on top of you and you feels how he depresses your body against the couch. He ends the kiss and smiles at you. 
"I'll teach you how to use your tongue?" 
You nod weakly. Liam let your lips meet again and this time, do you feel how your tongues meet. He groans and you understand that you are doing a good job. He kisses as if he didn't get enough and eventually you both seem to have forgotten that you would just hang out. Liam let his hand slide inside your dress and you feel how it moves against your one breast. He plays with your nipple and you groan higher. 
"I can teach you more .." he mumbled between kisses, and you agree to it. He quickly pull off your dress and almost rips off your bra. He throws away the clothes and don't care where they end up. He looks down at your body and let his palms glide over your skin. You moan lightly and smiling at him. 
"What else can you teach me?" 
He looks into your eyes and take off his own sweater. You see his hairy chest and you only gets more excited by him. 
"What do you wanna know?" 
You force him down on top of you again and takes your arms around his body. 
"Caress Me!"
Liam smiles and let one hand slide down to your panties. He lets it slip inside the fabric and you can feel his fingers start playing with your clitoris. He moves his hand perfectly and you parts quickly on your legs. 
"You just let your imagination take over." he mumbled quickly and looks into your eyes. "A girl's like a book. One has to go through page by page to learn how she works." 
You whimpers and moves the hips against him. 
"And how's a guy?" 
He kisses you quickly and then looks at you again. 
"He's like a book to, but it's easier to get a guy to enjoy."
"Teach me!" 
Liam sits up and stands then up on the floor. He pulls off his remaining clothes and you see his big member standing straight out in front of him.
"I said it was great." he mumbled and bends over your body. He pulls off your panties and throw them away. Then he pull you up in the sofa and he sits down on the table in front of you. He'll take your one hand and bringing it to his cock. He shows you how to move your hand up and down over it. 
"That what you doing with a guy." he groans. You let your hand move over his cock and you can't let go of it with your eyes. Liam moans and he shows that he likes what you doing with him. 
"You can take it in your mouth to." he muttered hoarsely, but you got afraid. Directly he shook his head and smiles at you. "But only if you want."
You shook your head and he understand why. Eventually it becomes almost too much and he pulls your hand away. He lay you down on the couch again and he lies down on top of you. He takes his hand and caress you in the same way as before over your clit. This time he seems more horny and he can't stop. You moan and feel how he makes you shake all over. It's as if he doesn't get enough of you, but he even don't dare to go all the way.


In the end you want it all and you lift your legs around his waist. 
"Try it!" you mumbling and smiling at him. "I want to learn how to have sex." 
Liam swallow and look down between your legs. He gently takes his cock against your pussy and penetrates only the top in. You groan and take your arms tightly around his neck. 
"Damn!" you screaming and enjoying it all. It's as if he hesitates, but you take up your waist so he penetrates further. Finally he releases all doubt and let it penetrate all the way. You feel how he fills you and you yell straight out of pleasure. Liam smiles at you and seems happy that you set up. You feel how he slowly takes his cock out and then in again. He's careful and you can't get enough of him. Liam takes your legs over his shoulders and puts you double under him. He moves faster and you see that he's enjoying. He's red in his face and he covers the entire body.
"You're tight." he murmured, smiling big. "You're perfect!"
You smile and moans loudly. You can't do more than allow him to take over the command and you love what you doing. He makes you almost go crazy and you dare let loose.


You spin around and you end up in Liam's lap. He sits up on the couch and takes a firm grip around your waist. He gently taking you up and down over his dick and you taking your arms again tightly around his neck. You feel how his whole cock is affecting you and you feel it in your whole body. Liam forcing you to pick up the pace and you moan loud against his ear. You feel that whole Liam shaking and he whimpers of pleasure. 
"Faster." he demands and you are speeding up. You feel how one of his thumb starts to caress your clitoris and immediately he puts you in the fog. Your whole body gets to be a hot pot and you feel how you almost boiling over. You moan, you whimpers and you are moving rapidly up and down. Liam almost sounds higher than you, and he shows that he wants more. Finally flood the waters over and the orgasm came. You scream right out and lands on his knee hard. You'll feel your muscles enveloping his cock and you shake right out in your fingers. When you calm down forcing Liam you to ride him again. He pushes you hard up and down. You saw at him that he's near the end and his whole face grimace with pleasure. Eventually he pushes you down faster and his whole body shakes. You feel his cock spurting out cum and it lands right into you. Liam whimpers until he slowly calms down.


You'll be sitting still in his lap and Liam looks at you with a satisfied look. 
"Y / N, I can't let you go." 
You breathe rapidly and is breathless. 
"What do you mean?" 
He smiles and caresses your body with his hands. 
"I want you to stay with me. This was the most excited that I have been through and I just love your body."  He moans. "I want to have sex with you often and I want us to get together." 
You smile but aren't sure if you want the same thing. You know that Liam is well known and it would be much change in your life, if you chose him. 
"Let me think it through before I answer you?" 
Liam smiles at you. 
"Of course you may!"

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