short glimpses

Just short stories ...


8. Nialls coming home

Niall came home late at night and you could hear him stumble in through the hall. You had been apart for a month and finally, he came home to your joint home. You felt that you were tired, but at the same time, you couldn't help but sit up in bed. You heard him put the bags on the floor and how he went to the kitchen. You knew he would see the patch that you had left on the table: "Food in the oven if hungry baby!" You can hear it rustle and you hear him sit at the table and you hear the cutlery move over the food. You know that Niall's always hungry and you smile when you hear him burp. He was happy and he liked your food.


A moment later you hear how Niall goes up the stairs. He sneaks almost up and you'll know why. He likes to surprise you. You put yourself quiet down again and closes her eyes. You hear him coming through the door and he begins to undress his clothes. After that you feel that he sits on the bed. He looks at you, or you think he does. Then you feel how he weigh down the bed and lay down next to you. A hand caresses your back and you feel that he's closer to you. The hand slips quickly under your nightgown and around your waist. You feel his lips against your neck and he kisses you lightly on the neck. 
You move your body a bit because you want him to think that he wakes you up. The hand finds the way to your one breast and you feel his hand embraces it. You moan and open your eyes. Niall turns you directly around so you land on your back. Without a word, he places himself on top of you and kiss you tenderly and carefully. You feel how his hands takes up your nightdress and finally he pulls that off. You feel that he's already naked. It makes you just want him more. You quickly take your arms around his body and spreads your legs apart. He kisses you more intensely and lets his tongue slip in between your lips. He can't get enough of you and you can't get enough of him. His hand slides down over your panties and you moan with pleasure. He lets the thumb to massage your clit and directly gets you to be excited. You feel how Nialls hand slides over your panties and take the hand perfectly over the area. You push up the hip and hear that he's just as excited as you are. Therefore, you allow him to quickly take off your panties and he lies down on top of you. He brings his hands perfectly over your body and you show with your entire body that you love it.


Niall sits underneath you and smiles widely. You see his gorgeous face in front of you and you let yours eyes slide down over his body. You love every inch of him, and you whimper, because you want more. Niall parting your legs as much as he can and slowly takes his member against you. He penetrates and direct you moan loudly. He shows with the whole face how horny he's after just you and when he penetrated all the way he moans loudly. You feel how he's starting to move his body and he takes his member perfect in and out. He will not let you go with his eyes and you will not let him off. Niall enjoying seeing you in front of him and he let his hands rest on your thighs. You see how his body works and every muscle is stretched in his body. Niall quickly becomes red in the face and you see the sweat sparkles across his forehead and chest. He bends over you and put a hand on each side of your head. He moves faster on the hip and you hear the smacking sound. You take your hands around his waist and follows his movements. He still looks straight into your eyes and he seems longed for just this moment. He kisses you again and you feel how his lips move rapidly over your. You will enter his pace and you feel how he works to come.


Right as it is, you spins around in bed. You end up on top of Niall and you sit up straight with your back. Niall grabs your waist, forcing you to quickly ride him. Then slides his hands up against your two breasts and he embraces them. You see in his eyes how he enjoying that moment, how excited he is and you see how much he missed you. He let his hands explore your skin, as if it's the first time that he feels on you. You moan loudly and you move faster. You feel how his dick makes you shake with excitement and you love to feel him inside you. Niall let one hand slide down towards your most sensitive part with his thumb and start moving over your clit. The other hand slides up to your neck and he takes a firm grip around the neck. You close my eyes and feel how Niall totally owns your body. He moans louder and you hear that he's nearing the end. You bounce up and down and you feel how he whimpers of all the emotions. With his thumb, he make you finally explode. You scream straight out when you come and you cross him with a trembling body. You're shaking and you feel how the muscles embraces his cock.


Once you have calmed down forcing Niall you away from him. He set you up on all fours in bed and putting himself behind your butt. He spreads on  your buttocks and penetrating. You feel how he again fills you and he takes his hands around your waist. He makes you start to move and you body moves quickly back and forth. Niall moan loud and you can hear how your bodies come together again and again. He bounces on your butt and he whimpers. His hands are taking a tighter hold on your waist and he bends over your back. You feel Nialls lips against your spine and how he kisses you. He moans louder and finally he puts you down on your stomach. He's straight across your back and pushes his cock in harder. You whimpers and lets him come. He shakes and he pressed his face against your neck. He squeezes out all the liquid from his cock and eventually he calms down.


"I missed you, honey!" he whispers in your ear and you smile big. 
"I missed you!" 
Niall laughing a little bit and you hear how breathless he is. He lies on top of your back and caress your cheek with his lips. 
"Now I'm home for a month." he murmured tired and take his hands around your body. You love to feel him so close and enjoying this moment.
"Good!" you mumbles tired and keep smiling. "What should we do during the month?" 
He laughs a little bit and remove the lips from your cheek. 
"Take back all the sex that I've missed."

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