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9. Narry Storan

Don't read if you don't like gay sex.




Harry was quick. When they came into the hotel, he listened carefully to hear which room Niall got. Harry wasn't going to let go of this chance and he missed Nialls gorgeous body. He lacked Nialls moaning and Nialls wonderful kisses. It felt like ages since they had made love and Harry really wanted the Irishman now. There was a lot that had to be planned, because no one knew that they were lovers. It was a secret that they had preserved since the first time it happened. They'd have been impaired and they had almost apologized that they loved to have sex. Now they both knew that it was meant. There were just under few times that they could drop all the boundaries and release of all thoughts. Then to get the time, were valuable and it always ended with that they almost wanted to go out openly with the relationship. Harry had been careful this time. He had with him all the sex toys and he knew Niall would just love it. Harry was usually the one who decided, but Niall had always enjoy the most. Being dominant meant that you had many choices and Harry often chose to completely control the Irish. Niall liked to get and he loved to get it all much. There were not many fans who knew Niall for real, that he really was a sex maniac. He loved sex and he loved to feel the orgasm flow through the body. Niall loved to be excited and he loved not to have to do more than lie there and receive. Harry was the opposite. He loved to give and he loved seeing how Niall really loved what Harry did with him. In the past, Harry had been with Louis, but after they had argued about everything, Harry had given up that relationship. It didn't take long for him to find replacements. Harry tried different guys and girls for a while, but then it happened with Niall and he was hooked. Niall was perfect in every way and he had such a body as Harry just loved to touch.


"My room! Ten o'clock!" whispered Harry in Nialls ear. Irishman reacted immediately and blushed slightly. He nodded and looked into Harry's eyes. Niall knew what it was about and he understood that everything was already planned. Niall loved surprises and he loved not knowing what Harry was going to do with him. Harry gave him a reassuring look and let his hand invisible caress Niall rear. 
"Be sure to be ready and you don't do anything tonight. I take care of everything!"


Harry took it all away from the bed, except for the sheets. He took out the box with the toys in and picked up the handcuffs. He placed the candles throughout the room and put on soft music in the background. Then he showered and made ​​sure he smelled good. He took the aftershave as Niall just loved, and then he lit all the candles. The room looked perfect, and the last thing Harry did was to cover the windows. No one outside would know what they did, but Harry knew it would be heard through the walls. Yet he smiled and sat down on the bed. It felt throughout the body that something special was going to happen and he knew that that night was Niall his.


Niall arrived promptly at ten and he was startled when he saw Harry in just underwear. Niall loved seeing Harry's body and he let his eyes slide over the gorgeous body. Harry just laughed and pulled him into the room. He closed the door and felt his stomach tingled. They didn't say a word to each other. Instead led Harry away Niall to the bed and pulled off his shirt. Niall smiled and obeyed the younger boy, when he revealed that Niall would lie down on the bed. Niall lay down on the mattress and immediately took Harry up the handcuffs. He took up Nialls arms over his head and put it into the headboard. Then he looked down on the Irish and let his eyes drift over his body. It was so perfect, pale but in an exciting way.


Harry placed himself next to Niall and let his hand slide down over Nialls naked chest. It had begun to grow hair on his chest and it got Harry to just love him more. Even that Niall was twenty, he was like a little mischievous boy. Harry liked it! It felt as if Niall was younger than him and it made the game even more exciting. The hand slid down over his breasts and down over the belly. Niall groaned lightly and Harry saw that he had boner. The pants clearly showed that there was something hard under the fabric and it wanted to get out. Harry smiled and let his hand caress the area. Niall moaned a little louder and seemed ready, but Harry wanted to drag out the foreplay. 


He unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off. Niall helped as best as he could and showed that he wanted to have sex now. Yet Harry shook his head and gave him a mischievous look. He bent again over Nialls body but this time he kissed the Irishman skin. He let his tongue play with his nipples and he sucked on them until they responded. Niall groaned and moved lightly on the body. Harry just smiled and let the kiss wander down over his stomach. He kissed Nialls soft belly and licked his naked skin. It was a wonderfully soft skin. Harry let the kiss wander down to his underwear and he kissed skin over the fabric edge. Niall groaned and blemish lightly on his hip. Harry saw his cock under the fabric and it was pressing under the the fabric. He let his lips slide over the it , and he felt it shaking under the lips pressure. He licked the fabric and heard Niall whimpered. It was a wonderful feeling to be in control and slowly he let his hand slide up against his underwear, via Nialls legs. He came up to the edge and slowly pulled them down. Niall groaned as his cock was free, and stood in front of Harry's face. It shook with excitement and waiting to be used. Harry threw away Nialls underpants and then let his tongue slide easily over the top of Nialls cock. Niall groaned and tried to get Harry to tuck it between his lips. Harry smiled and sat up. He then stood down on the floor and pulled off his own underwear. Harry was just as excited as the Irishman and he felt how nice it was to be nude.


Harry picked up the ring that was made ​​for a male organ. He took it over Nialls cock and made sure it ended up at the bottom over the root. Niall whimpered and Harry felt that the Irishman's body was hot and excited. Then he took the little dildo out of the box and took the lube on it. Niall followed his movements and knew what would happen. He spread his legs and waited for Harry to continue. Niall knew it would be a long night, but he wanted to have sex now. It was as if Harry wanted to tease him. Niall loved it, but at the same time he didn't want that it would take too long time. Harry was placed under him and spread his buttocks. He took his hand and prepared Niall. He let his fingers rub up Nialls ass hole and right as it was pushed a finger in. Niall whimpered and he lifted his hips. It was a wonderful feeling and Harry smiled at him. He brought his finger all the way in and felt the Nialls muscles were ready to receive more. Therefore, he took out his finger and gently took the dildo against its territory. When the dildo slowly penetrated Niall he moaned in pleasure and his whole face was red. Harry pushed the dildo all the way in and smiled at Niall. His hole face showed that he enjoyed it and he grimaced of all the emotions. Harry bent over his body and started kissing him. Niall answered directly kiss and was desperate to get more. Harry took it easy and let after a while their tongues meet. Niall was intense and it felt that he was as excited as he could be. Harry let his hand slide down over Nialls body. It reached down to his cock and slowly he began to jerk the Irishman. Niall was like crazy and he moaned in pleasure. Harry enjoyed watching him like it and he increased the pace with his hand. Niall whimpered and he forgot to answer the kiss. Harry looked at Nialls face and saw that he closed his eyes. His mouth was wide open and he was more red in the face and down on his chest. Harry smiled and took his hand away. Niall was almost angry, but agreed nonetheless that it was paused. Harry kissed him lightly again and instead let his hand move over his own cock. He felt it shaking and he knew it wouldn't take much to come. He released it and took his hand down to the dildo. He pulled it out and quickly he filled the area with his own cock. He penetrated and felt how he filled Nialls hot body. Niall was double under him and he almost screamed. Harry smiled and tried to kiss him. He loved that Niall screamed and he loved to see the emotions swell over.When he was all the way inside he lay down on top the Irishman and slowly started to move on the hip. He felt Nialls hard cock against his stomach and felt that Niall wanted more. Niall appeared to try to bring the hip back and forth, to create friction between them. He moaned and whimpered. Harry closed his eyes. His whole body shook and he felt how wonderful it was. Niall received him, and he took his legs around Harry's waist. It was as if they had never done anything else, and Harry knew that they could never let go of each other.


Proceed to the end he had to calm down. Harry chose to put him self underneath Nialls body and took up his legs over his shoulders. He brought again his member in and moved slower this time. He looked down at Nialls body and noted how excited the Irishman really was. He lay and moaned and his whole body was damp. Harry brought his cock harder in Niall and he felt his whole body was affected. He let his hand slide down over Nialls cock and he started again jacking off him. Niall screamed almost straight out and he showed how wonderful it was. Harry ran his hand faster and he looked down at it. Niall had a minor member against Harry, but it was so wonderful and so sweet. It was just the right size and it fit Harry's taste perfectly. Full Nialls body shook and he did everything to get Harry to move faster. Harry felt his own body began to tense. He felt he was about to explode and it was just a question of when he would come. He released Nialls cock and took his hands around Nialls legs. He brought his cock harder into Niall and he bounced hard against the Irishman's butt. There was smacking sound and Niall went to almost scream of pleasure. Harry bit his lip and increased the pace. He felt his orgasm slowly came and right as it was, he couldn't hold it back. He pressed his cock hard in and felt how he filled the hole with sperm. He shook and he moaned in pleasure. He moved his cock rapidly in and out right up until it was over and the body slowly calmed down.


Harry looked down at Niall, who looked at him with his blue eyes. Niall also wanted to come, and Harry was going to allow it to happen. He sluggish his dick out of the hole and then took away the ring from Nialls cock. He smiled at the Irishman and then sat down over his waist. He sat down slowly and let Niall penetrate. As soon as he sat fully down on the hips, he began to ride Niall. He brought the body quickly up and down. His hands he placed on each side of Nialls head and he looked right into those blue eyes. Nialls mouth was still wide open and he moaned with pleasure. Niall brought hips up and down to accelerate. Harry just smiled and obeyed him. Slowly he glanced quickly towards Nialls cock and he felt the hole was filled with meat. It was wonderful to feel it inside. Niall came quite soon into iextas and it seemed that he was near the end. It was as if he had no idea about time and space. Niall just lay there and he showed with  his face how amazing it felt. In the end, he and his entire body exploded. Harry felt himself be filled with sperm and how Nialls member shook inside him. Niall screamed and he pressed his hip up against Harry. Eventually he calmed down and slowly dropped his body down against the mattress.


Harry was sitting to Niall and let his hands caress his face. Niall opened his eyes and a big smile was spread on his lips. 
"It was wonderful." 
Harry nodded and laughed a little bit. He bent forward and kissed Nialls lips. This was the most precious moment they had together. Both were satisfied and both were carpet in the body. The only thing that was left was to show love and how much they loved each other. Niall answered the kiss and let his tongue slip in between Harry's lips. Harry played with Nialls tongue and stroked his face tenderly. He couldn't get enough of the Irishman and the next time he would find something else to do for him.

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