short glimpses

Just short stories ...


3. Harry Styles seduced you.

Harry looks at you from a distance. You see how he follows you with his eyes and he seems mesmerized by your presence. It feels strange that he's staring just at you, but at the same time it leads to that you enjoying his attention. Everyone at the party have fun, but you don't hardly know any of the others. You know who Kath is, because she's your friend and she came with you to the party. Now you're alone and she seemed to have found others to talk to. Therefore you could easily notice that Harry looked at you. He explored your every move and you see that he really liked what he looking at. The dress your wearing is tight and leaves hardly anything left to the imagination. Partly you regretted that you chose that dress, but since Harry attracted by it you become almost happy. It's the first time as you have left home with little more challenging clothing. You have even made ​​your face to look like a model and you know that your hair is as perfect as the rest yourself. You spent several hours before you were happy and now you're glad that you put time on yourself.


Later in the evening you happen to come through a door and crashes almost with Harry. Directly he takes you into his arms, so you not will fall backwards.
"Oh sorry!" he gets out and you feel his hands around your waist.
"No problem!" you receive and blushes. Harry keeps his hands around you and gets you up on your feet again. He will not let you go with his eyes and looking at you with his charming gaze.
"I didn't see you."
You swallow and feel how your legs are shaking. His hands are so protected and they holding your waist so perfect.
"No, I'm pretty easy to miss." you whisper uncertain. Harry smiles right away and shook his head. His eyes slide down over your dress up to your eyes again.
"No, I can't miss you. Actually, I have seen you here all night and I have wanted to ask who you are."
You smile and try to collect your thoughts. You can't get out of his grip and you feel just happy that he's so close to you.
"My name is Y / N and you are Harry!"
Directly he laughs a little bit. He drops your waist and stand in front of you.
"Yes, I'm Harry!" he gets out. "You have a beautiful name, but you are also beautiful on the outside."
You don't know what to answer. You blush and understand that he trying flirting with you.
"Thank you!"

Without asking you Harry takes your hand. He leads you away from all the people and upstairs. You don't argue with him and when he takes you into a guest room, you can't stop feeling like a princess. He really wants to be with you and you can't think of a single reason to say no.


It becomes one of those moments that you only dreamed of. Harry don't speak! He closes the door and throw himself at you. You eel how he pulls you into his arms and he kisses you intensely. It's as if he doesn't get enough of you and you answer the kiss. He backs you up against the wall and you feel that he's horny. He presses his body up against you, and you feel his boner against your body. It's as if it's meant to be and you take your arms around his shoulders. Harry moans and pulls up your dress. He lets his hands slowly caress your legs up towards your hips and then back under the dress and up toward your chest. He makes you stop thinking and you just feel his kisses explore your lips. His hands land on your breasts and direct you to moan. He let his hands continue up and in the end he pulls off your dress. Quickly he snaps up your bra and lets even that one slide down to the floor. Harry's fast and then pulls off everything on his torso. You let your palms slide over his naked skin and it causes you to release it all inside your self. You don't even react when he pulls down your panties and then let his hands explore your body. Harry slides down and kiss your neck. He kisses your nipples and suck on them. Then he slides down over your belly and lands in front of your most delicate part. He spreads on your legs and lift you up. He has a bone on every popes side of his head and his tongue starts to move across your clitoris. You moan loudly and close your eyes. You take your hands over his head and feel how he makes you shake with excitement. He lets his tongue slide over the opening, and eventually penetrate with the tongue. You're shaking and you whimper straight out.


After a while he lets you down on the floor and forces you down on your back. He quickly snaps up his pants and undress himself completely naked. He lies down on top of you and kiss you intensely. He spreads your legs and without needing help, penetrate his cock into you. You can't do more but follow his movements and holding your arms tightly around the neck. He kisses you and let your tongues meet. It's as if they are intertwined and you stop being aware of whose tongue is whose. The only thing you know is how he fills you and slowly begin to move on his body. His hands hold your body tight and you feel how he makes you almost faint with pleasure. Harry moves faster and he bounces hard against your body. He fill you over and over again and you feel how wet you are. Harry groans and he can't get enough of you. His lips are like crazy and you feel how he panicky holding your body. You moan louder and can't care about if someone hears you. The only thing you feel is the lust you have against each other and the rest of the world no longer exists.


Harry pushes himself harder into you and you understand that he  soon will reaches the end. You choose to spread your legs more and directly captures Harry them up. He takes up your legs over his shoulders and puts you almost double under him. He kisses you harder against before and he moves fast. Right as it is you'll see on his face that he comes. He groans straight out and push his dick hard into your wet vagina. He whimpers and he will fill you with cum. The entire Harry shakes and you feel in your legs how his body feels orgasm everywhere. 


He will let you stay on your back and he creeping down between your legs. His tongue looking up quickly your clit and he licks you hard and fast. You groans straight out and takes your hands tightly around his head. You lift the hips toward him and you let him take care of you. His finger penetrates and directly the finger reaches your g-spot. You scream almost straight out and press his head with your hands between your legs. His tongue get your clitoris to react quickly and will give the orgasm to be all over your body. You whimpers, screams and shaking. You'll feel every inch of you is affected and the whole you are like a volcano. Eventually you reach the climax and you can barely breathe. Full you imbued with feelings and eventually ebbs them out.


You quickly take on your clothes on and you went to the bathroom and washed yourselves. Then you went down to the party. Harry disappeared quickly from the party, but you smile anyway. You will never forget the night when Harry Styles seduced you and gave you everything.

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