the real bully story

she just used to be a loner know someone gives her a purpose read to find out who?:)


5. 5

He picked me up and held me close to his chest and asked what happened, I cried but could not speak the words I wanted to say clearly he whispered in my ear ''its okay everything will be ok'' he sat down and placed me on his chest I whispered ''thank you" to him and he tucked my hair behind my face and whispered ''no need for thank you love" and kissed my forehead, he's lips trailed down my face and we were nose to nose staring in each others eyes I know it might sound cheesy but I really truly mean it when I say all I could feel was butterfly's in my stomach and his warm fresh breath against my face he looked down at my lips and I smiled slightly and leaned in and then his soft lips touched mine, are lips were dancing together and there was fireworks we stayed together with are lips touched together for what seemed liked hours but in reality was only about five minutes I giggled a little and smiled into the kiss and he smiled a wide grin back and we pulled away hugging each other. the thing about the kiss I liked was he had no desire to shove his tongue down my throat all he wanted was me and a small passionate kiss.

*after school*

I was walking down the hallways when i bumped into someone it was a boy named Nathan he was the popular quarter back if this was a drama filled high school movie "hey slut" he said i ignored him trying to pass him but he wouldn't let me "come on sweet cheeks i saw you give some to niall, why not me?'' "what are you talking about" i responded knowing what he meant."you know exactly what i mean "no i don't just let me go!'' i heard faint running from the other side of the hallway "HEY MAN LEAVE HER ALONE!" it was Nathans best friend josh, Nathan backed away from me when he heard josh "okayokay bye man, bye whore" he said to me then josh interrupted her thoughts "sorry about him" "its fine" i lied "no its not, how can i make it up to you?" "no its fine you don't have to do anything you don't want to" "no but i do" he smirked and then added "come to my house ill show you a good time" "uh okay i guess" i replied as he took my hand and walked to his car as we got in he said "buckle up'' i did as i was told, he then locked the doors and moved the inner console that was between us. he rested his hand on my thigh and rubbed it, i tried to ignore it ''so.. what you want to do when we get to your house" he looked like he was thinking then smirked "you" "what?" i said confused "I want to fuck you." he said like it was no big deal "no." he laughed "honey if you do it no one will hate you anymore" "nail will.." "him he moved away" my face sunk he laughed "he didn't tell you?" " uh no." "see darling if you do it you'll be popular and guess what no one will bully you and ill keep it that way all you have to do is be mine" i thought about it my heart was saying no, my brain was saying yes youll be popular no one will hurt you anymore "come on doll "he said moving his hand farther up" "no, i wont do it" i said feeling proud for sticking up for myself "honey youll regret it" "no no i wont! drop me off please" "im sorry honey but you have plans" "no i don't?" "yea you have plans with me" i panicked i tried unbuckling my seat belt but it was locked i screamed for help "stop screaming doll,its not gonna help" he growled he pulled to a stop and someone opened the back door it was nathan "hi doll" he pulled some rope out and tried up my hands "HELP SOMEONE HELPPP" "STOP IT!" Nathan yelled i started crying "help" i whispered i heard someone walk by "HELPPP'' i screamed at the top of my lungs and i saw them turn around and start looking. it was niall "shut up" josh growled i saw niall run toward the car i heard the engine rev up and duck tape being ripped next thing i know it over my mouth but niall broke open a window and punched josh right in the face unlocked the doors and untied me and picked me up i saw Nathan running away and josh passed out cold in the front seat i was balling my eyes out and heard niall dial a number, "hello'' i couldn't hear what the other line was sayng cause of my tears pouring out of my eyes "yes could you send a car out to (name of road) my friend was kid napped and they attempted to rape her" silence on our side "yes thank you" he hung up ''they're calling your parents and they will be here soon, your parents and the police"

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