the real bully story

she just used to be a loner know someone gives her a purpose read to find out who?:)


1. 1

i walked into school receiving glares from everyone,suddenly Meredith came up to me and said"looking bad today kam" i was confused i thought she was my best friend "confused kam should be" "i thought you were my friend" she chuckled and spoke " honey what,do you think anybody would want to be your friend" " you where pretending, why" "haha jk i wuvv you""you scared me i thought it was true"i felt like she really meant it but she didn't so ya.we walked into class and she went to sit by bailey the popular girl why..the teacher entered and class began but i couldn't stop thinking about Meredith "Miss delorosa" he was trying to get my attention "what is the answer to this question"he pointed on the board"i don't know....sir-" saved by the bell "great class everyone miss delorosa next time pay attention" "OK sir" i ran out of class and bumped into someone "sorry" i said looking at my feet why I'm i so clumsy "its ok" he spoke in a sexy husky voice i looked up to she a pair of crystal blue eyes looking at me, he toke out piece of paper and gave it to me.

 hey,meet by the football field at lunch don't be late love



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