Harry's sister

Harry and Louis have been best friend since X-factor. But what happens when Harry invites the boys and his sister to his house for the summer? Will Louis fall for her, or will Harry get in the way?


10. contest.

Sooo I wanna do this contest where one of you can be Harry's girlfriend. All you have to do is follow me on Instagram (harryss_sister) just made the account sooo all you have to do is follow me and message me some how, on Instagram, here or kik (ashleyhuntington12) and tell me what you would want your character to be

Hair color:

Eye color:

Favorite sport:



Height in relation to Harry's:

And what job:

So go follow me and message me!!! Then I'll pick and I will try to post who won and what Harry's girlfriend will look like by Saturday maybe Friday. So hurry!! I'll post another chapter when I post who won. Go follow!!! Thanks ily!! 😘

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