Harry's sister

Harry and Louis have been best friend since X-factor. But what happens when Harry invites the boys and his sister to his house for the summer? Will Louis fall for her, or will Harry get in the way?


11. 9

Ashley's pov

I woke up around 8 only because Louis was jumping on my bed. He told me to get ready and that we were going Shopping. i was ready around 9:30. I walked upstairs to see the guys eating frosted flakes.

"Hi ash" niall said with a mouthful.

"Hi guys" I said back.

Louis then came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and whispered in me ear.

"You look beautiful today." I was wearing a pink floral skater skirt and a white crop top.

"Thank you Lou. When are we leaving?" I asked

"Right now if your ready" he said back.

Then me and Lou walked hand in hand out to his car. He opened the door for me and ran to the drivers side. When we got to the mall it was about 11:45 so we decided to go to a couple of stores and then to lunch. We went into forever 21, Charlotte Russe, hollister, AE, and macys. Once we had finished out lunch Louis said the I needed a dress for tonight.

"I have plenty of dresses I can wear Louis. Where are we goin tho?" I asked.

"No you need a dress for tonight. Go pick out something sexy. I'm gonna go get us something to eat." He said with a smirk.

I walked into the nearest dress store and looked around for the longest time. A clerk came up to me.

"Are you Ashley?" She asked

"Um yeah why?" I asked

"Come this way please."

I followed her to one of the dressing rooms and inside there was the most beautiful dress. It was blue with ruffles, it went a couple inches bast my butt. There was some silver pumps under the dress on the floor.

"A young man picked it out, he said you would like it." The clerk said.

"I love it." I said softly, I knew tonight was going to be fun.

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