Harry's sister

Harry and Louis have been best friend since X-factor. But what happens when Harry invites the boys and his sister to his house for the summer? Will Louis fall for her, or will Harry get in the way?


6. 5

Harry's pov.

"Why don't we go to the beach today guys?" I said to everyone in the kitchen.

I got a reply of "YEAH!!" From every body.

So I went up stair to change into my swim trunks and everyone else did too. I grabbed a couple towels and threw them into a sling bag, I got some water bottles and threw those in as well.

Louis's pov

I was excited. I love going to the beach. I used to go all the time when I was little. I walked down stairs and saw Ashley. She had a blue string bikini top and and some short jean shorts over her bottoms, her hair was wavy and tied into a ponytail. She was so beautiful. Everything about her.

When we got to the beach Ashley laid out in the sun for a little while me and the lads played beach volleyball. Then harry called Ashley over.

"Ash why don't you come play volleyball with us?" Harry asked

Ashley responded "I don't play volleyball, I play football remember?"

Harry nodded and went back to playing. I didn't know Ashley plate football, I play too. We've been at the beach for about 2 hours and Ashley still hasn't gotten up. I went over to her and picked he up and swum her over my shoulders.

"Louis what are you doing!?" Ashley asked.

"You haven't gotten off your bum the whole 2 hours we've been here." I said.

"Ok well please put me down."

"Nope, we'er going swimming."

The boys all ran into the water. It was hot outside so the water felt nice. Ash wouldn't stop screaming, but I could tell she thought it was funny. We played In the water for awhile then we went home. I asked Ashley if she would play soccer with me tomorrow then go to lunch, she said yes.

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