Harry's sister

Harry and Louis have been best friend since X-factor. But what happens when Harry invites the boys and his sister to his house for the summer? Will Louis fall for her, or will Harry get in the way?


4. 3

**sorry my chapters are short**

Ashley's pov

I always loved Harry's house. It had 2 floors and a basement. There were 5 bedrooms, his, mine for when I come over and 3 guests rooms.

"There's only 3 guest rooms and Ashley's room is the only one with bunks so someone's gonna have to share." Harry shouted from the kitchen to the rest of us in the living room.

As Harry walked into the living room Louis piped up, " I wouldn't mind sharing a room with Ashley."

Louis's pov

As soon as I said that ashleys cheeks blushed but she smiled in turn.

"Ok Lou but no monkey business, same goes for you Ashley."

Both me and Ashley nodded our heads in agreement.

Ashley then said "I'm going downstairs to unpack."

"Yeah me too." I said.

I followed her down stairs cuz it didn't know where her room was.

"So why did you want to room with me?" Ashley asked

"Um I-I, I don't know. I wanted to get to know you more." I told her.

She looked down and smiled, she's so cute.

Ashley's pov

Louis was so nice. We unpacked and he finished unpacking his clothes before me do he offered to help me.

"Um Ashley..." I heard Louis say from across the room.

"Yes Louis?" I said as I turned my head to look at him. He was holding my lacy, black bra up like it was toxic. "LOUIS!" I shouted as i ran over to get the bra from him. My face was bright red. I grabbed the piece of clothing from him and he chuckled.

"Id love to see you in it sometime" Louis mumbled.

I responded "what?"

He just nodded his head and continued to unpack.

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