Harry's sister

Harry and Louis have been best friend since X-factor. But what happens when Harry invites the boys and his sister to his house for the summer? Will Louis fall for her, or will Harry get in the way?


3. 2

*fowared 2 months to summer*

Ashley's pov

Harry was gonna be here any minute. My bags were packed and every thing but I wasn't even dressed. Oops. So I ran upstairs and threw on a black Rolling Stones t shirt, white shorts and some black flipflops. Just as I finished getting dressed I heard a car horn and the from door open. I ran down stairs to find harry looking around for me I'm guessing I ran up to him and gave him a hug.

"I missed you harry!" I said

"I missed you too ash! Every one is in the car ready to go so let's get your bags and go!" Said harry.


"Oh hope you don't mind but you'll have to sit in the back with Louis. He's funny so don't worry."

I grabbed my bags and made my way to the door, "ha okay let's go!"

I put my stuff in the trunk and climbed into the back seat next to Louis. As soon as I sat down his cheeks started to get red. He was actually kinda cute.

Louise's pov

I was so nervousness when I saw Ashley making her way to the back of Harry's range rover. I felt my face get hot. Great Louis, great your gonna embarrass your self.

"Hi, I'm Ashley. But you can call me ash"

"I-I'm Louis" dammit Louis don't stutter.

She smiles at me and her smile was so beautiful.

"Hi I'm Liam" Liam said as he reached out his hand from the seat in front of us.

"Ashley" Ash said.

Ashley's pov

Louis was so cute. I couldn't help from staring but he was stuttering? I wonder why. Maybe he has a speech problem, or maybe he's nervous.

Harry's pov

We got to my house and the whole car ride I could hear Louis and Ashley talking. Louis was stuttering, and his cheeks were all red. He only does that when he likes a girl.

"Hey Ashley, how's Louis?" I asked her.

"He's good, he's really funny" Ashley responded smiling.

"Ya know he likes you, he was stuttering and his cheeks were rosy." I said to her, she looked down and smiled. I hope she didn't like him too.

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