Heart Of Stone


4. Chapter 4.

The grass feels amazing especially since Louis is next to me. He didn't tell me what he was but I don't care he kissed me and that showed me that me actually liked me. I looked up at the sky this was something out of twilight things like this don't happen. At least not here which was kind of weird. I'm not scared of Louis even something in my heart tells me I should be. I close my eyes the breeze feels perfect. It feels nice being here with Louis enjoying his company.

I turn to look at him he sees me and smiles I blush a little I love his smile. I cuddle next to him and put my head on his chest as his fingers run up and down my back. He smells sweet like forest odd right. He's beautiful, handsome and his eyes, breath taking. It's insane I should want to know what he is I should be scared and I shouldn't be here. For some reason it feels like I'm supposed to be here that's what's stopping me from leaving.

I want to speak up and ask him but I don't eat to ruin the moment. I don't want him to get up and leave me here alone. I feel protected with him more then I do with Xander. I see adventure in his eyes alot more then Xander's. It's sad how I found someone better then my Bestfriend. I need to find the courage to ask him because what he did earlier isn't human at all. I want him to tell me everything so I know I can trust him so I can give him my heart.

"Lou what are you" I ask as I look at him.

He sighs "promise you won't freak"

I roll my eyes "I promise"

"Okay well there's this group called Anomalies" 

"What are Anomalies" I interrupt

"Well love if you let me finish. Okay so Anomalies are what you mortals call vampires. For centuries they had tried to take over earth to take back what they think humans have taken away from them. At first the where good with blood but now they want more they want ever human to perish. My grandfather made a group called the Rising he was the leader of the group and I became the rightful leader for this century. 

"I know what you think vampires don't age by my grandfather did. He wasn't fully turned he we still half and half so he aged. I was bite several months ago but I was turned fully so I can't age. My Bestfriend Harry was also turned two days after I was it's scary. Well Harry and I both joined the Rising in hopes we could get help and we did. We get assigned Gregories, mates, partners how ever you want to call it I really don't care. Anyways the partnering was yesterday by I wasn't partnered so I got a chance to be with you. Tracy Anomalies aren't supposed to fall in love with mortals but I'm falling in love with you."

I let everything he just told me sink in he was a vampire no wonder his eyes change color. Things where starting to make sense.


I look at her she doesn't freak out which makes me gald. It's odd that in falling in love with her even though I'm not supposed to. I haven't found my Gregorie yet but what if it's her. What if the heads didn't go to my house because they knew. The way her skin looks in the sun light the way the breeze whips me with her sweet aroma it's like something out of a movie.

I'm scared I don't know what I'm getting her into. If the Anomalies knew I had a Mortal as a partner they would go after her to destroy. I'm scared but I'm also glad that if that does happen I can be the one to protect her I can be her superman. She an angel fallen from heaven falling in love with a demon from hell. So how it's is sayed in that movie so the lion feel in love with the lamb.

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