Heart Of Stone


3. Chapter 3.

I'm standing in a pool of blood and I don't know where I am. I want to run and hide go somewhere safe. I look around and see bodies on the floor and people (Anomalies) on top of them. I don't want to be apart of this I know that now I have to go somewhere. Maybe I'll go with the Rising as my grandfather had said many times in his stories. But what if he was wrong but what if he was right. I don't care right now I need a way to get out of here there's walls everywhere. The room would be dark for humas but perfectly light for us.

I look over to my Bestfriend Harry he looks scared. He's standing in a corner watching a girl get her blood sucked. I run over to him he looks at me eyes pleading. We look for the door and find it on the other side of the room. We look at each other I know he wants to run, I nod gesturing to run. When we reach the door luckily nobody sees us as we escape into the dark starry night. 

"I don't want to do this" says Harry as he covers his face with frustration " I don't want to be a monster" 

"Lad it's alright-" I say as he cuts me off

"No lou it's not alright I didn't sign up for it god I didn't even ask for it" he says as he puts his arms in the sky.

"There's always the Rising" I say looking straight ahead.

"The Rising what the hell is that" 

I explain to him what it is exactly like my grandfather had to me. His eyes light up when he finished he knows we have a chance and I hope we do.

Now I'm sitting in front of a computer screen not as Louis Tomlinson the Anamolie but Louis Tomlinson the leader the of the Rising. People don't know who I am and I want it to stay that way that's why I haven't shown myself atleast not know. I want to wait until it really begins until I know that the rebellion is ready. The followers always log into our private site. Today was the Gregory announcements and that's what I want to talk about. I sigh and speak out.

"As you may all now today was Gregorie day. Many of you got your partners some of them are in the rising and some aren't. I am not going to tell you to convince then to join but for you to be patient. I once was an Anomalie I know there was its hard changing their appetite. Just please have patients the rebellion is coming soon faster then I expected. The Anomalies are getting stronger but so are we."


I'm back at school god how I wish I could just graduate already. I walk down the hall and see Xander hand in hand with Caroline. What the hell is going on. I approach them to my surprise Caroline greets me with pleasure and Xander hugs me. I don't know since when they are together ad I don't want to know. 

"Wow" I saw

"Yeah I know" says Caroline with so much joy 

"We'll I better get going" say as I turn around and walk down the hallway

As I look through my bag I bump into someone making my bag fall to the floor. The person kneels to get my things and I help him. As I grab my phone that's on the floor hoping its not cracked I see the boys eyes. It's Louis nobody has eyes like his. He looks up at me and smiles I blushes a little and my heart races I need to control it. He gives me my wallet as we both stand up.

"Thank you" I say as I take the wallet

"It was my fault I should have watched where I was going" he says as he flicks his hair

"That's fine um we have fourty minutes before we have to go to class do you want to get some coffee" I say as I put a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Sure that would be great" he says as we walk out of school into the grass

It's odd I know but a block away from school we have a Starbucks. This twin is filled with wierd was that I never understand. As we walk in we walk towards a red head female with a bright smile. Louis orders a caramel maciado and I order a vente iced soy latte. He smiles at me when we get our coffee. 

I'm not paying attention but out no where Louis puts whiped cream on my face. I luagh and clean it off I had nothing to grow at him so I go an ice from my cup and threw it at him. He luaghed as it hit his forehead and he threw me more whiped cream. It lands in my cheek as I'm about to clean it of he puts his hand on my mine stoping it from moving. He slowly with his thumbs takes off the whiped cream and licks his finger. I feel butterflies which is strange because I never do. He leans close to me he's going to miss me I just know he is. Something in his eyes holds him back and instead he tickles me.


I don't know where Tracy went she just walked out. I guess it surprised her that I was with Caroline. Last night when the heads came they told me my Gregorie partner was Caroline. They had told her to so this morning we just started holding hands and making out. I can tell that Tracy's not happy that I have Caroline clining to me arm right now. She was happy and I guess I'm happy but seeing Tracy so sad and confused broke my heart.


I'm falling in love with her the way she's laughing because in tickling her. I wanted to kiss he but its not right. The way her eyes looked at mine when I picked up her things te way se smiled when I put whiped cream of her face. The joy she got when she hit me with ice. She is so beautiful but I have a Gregorie partner that I haven't found yet. I should have gotten my partner yesterday like everyone else but I didn't. The bell ran we looked at each other we woul be late. 

"I want to show you something" I say 

"Okay" she says between a laugh

I'm surprised I thought she was going to say no. I walked into the woods with her right by my side. The trees got taller the deeper we went. I stopped walking this was my favorite spot but it wasn't down here it was up there on the top of the tree. She looked around waiting for something to happen.

"Close your eyes" I say 

She looks at me not sure "um okay" she closes them


I close my eyes why did he bring me here. Suddenly I felt his arms wrap around me and hold me piggyback style. What the hell I thought. Suddenly I felt the air getting thicker the breeze and shade of the trees felt nice agians my hot body. I know I'm not in the floor anymore. When Louis stops moving I open my eyes. He sets me on a branch the landscape is amazing it's full of trees and the sky looks so clear. Wait how the hell did I get up here how did he manage to get up here.

"Um Lou" I say looking at the ground "how did we get up here" 

He stays silent he looks at me in the eyes. There's something about his eyes that aren't human. As I reach for him he pulls my arms making my body crash with him. He has amazing strength.

"What are you" I say in amazment he smiles.

His lips are inches from mine "I'm" before he could finish he cut himself off crashing his lips with mine. They where warm as they touched mine. His tongue was in perfect rythem with mine. It was perfect me alone with him away from everyone and everything.

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