Heart Of Stone


2. Chapter 2.

I'm sitting in class listening to my history teacher lecture us on the first lost English seatlment. I would like to go there and look at what's left go back in time to see how people lived. There hearts must have been fed with adventure. Some thing I would never get. They had so much land to cover and new land to explore. I feel kind of sorry for who ever got stuck with this place. I look behind me and see Xander I laugh a little he's making faces at the teacher sine the teacher has his back to us. 

I turn to see Caroline Wilkonson she's staring and Xander. She sees me looking at her and rolls her eyes at me and turns to face the front of the class. I want to luagh it's funny how she thinks she's got a shot with him I mean everyone does. Xander isn't that kind of boy that will go out with you because your pretty or you have a nice ass. And Caroline might be pretty but her personality is terrible. 

Finally when the bell rings as I pack my things into my bag Xander stands infront of my desk waiting for me. Once I have my stuff put away we walk out towards chemistry. The worst part about chem is that I don't have Xander as a partner I have Jordan west. She hospitalized so I do my labs alone. 

"So wanna come over to my house mom's making cookies" says Xander as we walk into class.

"Wow I'd love to go to your house and I'm not just saying that because I lover her cookies" I say as we take our seprate seats.

As I take out my Chem folder I look up at the door and see a boy with long brown hair. The Chem teacher Ms.Vendervel points in my direction to the boy. I'm guessing he's going to be my new partner. I go back to my bag and find my folder as I set it on the table I look up to see him standing in front of me. My first instinct was to look at his eyes and I wish I didn't look at his eyes they where beautiful. 

"May I sit?" He asks with a British accent 

I don't now what to say at first. I'm to focused on his eyes they where reddish brownish with a hint of gold. I couldn't look away and he noticed this so he smiled at me. Oh how I wish he hadn't done that it only made things worse. I'm trying to snap out of this trance but for some reason I can't. Finally after a while I look down at the table in complete emberassment.

"Yeah that's fine you can sit here" I say as I sit on the chair 

"Thank you" he puts his things down "I'm Louis by the way" he says as he extends his arm.

Are you seriouse you have got to be kidding my how formal can you get.

"Tracy" I say as I shack his hand.

When I look at his eyes agian there no longer the dirt red instead there blue/green. Okay what the hell did his eyes just wow. I was confused I wanted to comment on it but I decided against it. It was strange that his eyes changed colors it was interesting. I know if I ask he'll give me a lame excuse. I look at what he's wearing a plain grey shirt jeans and black Toms. He looks handsome even in plain clothes.


I'm trying so hard to fight the tentation to wrip her neck open. I haven't eaten in days I need a beer or a deer something anything to free me from my thirst. Tracy is equally beautiful as she is smell wise. I can smell the thickness of her blood flowing through her veins. She smell is  exquisite but I can't bring myself to taste her it's agianst my vows. She looks beautiful even in plain clothes. I see her study my clothes and look away I wonder why she looks at my eyes once agian and she study's then like its a science project.

My eyes tend to change to my animal side when I'm hungry I just hope my eyes didn't change infront of her. She would have asked if she sat the change wouldn't she ask me by now. It was strange for some reason people always asked about my eyes and I told them it was a birth defect. And yet she still hasn't said anything. I want to talk to her but I'm scared that if I do she will bring up the eye change. 

"Your very beautiful" I whisper to her

"Thanks" she says almost as a question 

It's true she is beautiful one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. There's something about here different it's calling out to me. It's not a canine calling but a female to make calling. I know I can't love her I'm destined to find a partner now but if I was still human I would fall in love with her. She's breath taking and not by her smell but by her beauty. The lights hit her skin perfectly and the way her hair falls gently on her back the way her eyes are full of wanting. I don't know what the wanting is for and I want to know.


I still can't get Louis's eyes out of my mind. He was beautiful physically and emotionally how he speaks with such calmness and warmth. I only have him for Chem thank god I was emberassed enough for getting cought by him for staring. He probubly thinks I'm a creep who knows he might even change his schedule so he won't have to be with me. I'm waiting for Xander outside of school to go over to his house when I see him walk out with Caroline. I roll my eyes and cross my eyes I hate Caroline. He says bye to her and walks toward me.

"Hey" he says 

"Hi so what where you and Caroline talking about" I say as we start towards my car

" oh nothing she just had a few questions for history" he says


She doesn't ask anymore questions on the drive over to my house. I want to tell her how I'm a part of the Rising and so is Caroline. I want to tell her everything but I can't.

I'm walking towards the exit when I see Caroline running towards me. I don't want to talk to her and what she wants to tell me seems important because she never runs. I prepare myself for drama.

" Xander I need to tell you something it's about our leader" she says

I stop walking our leader how does she know our leader. Nobody does and we won't know until he or she thinks where ready to Rise. I nod gesturing her to keep going.

"He's here in this school" she says with excitement 

"What" I say in dis-belief our leader can be one of these dumbasses.

" I know isn't that great" she says as we start walking out of the building 

" yeah I think it is" I say as I smile she hugs me and I hug her back. 

I'm in her car when I get a text fro my mother.

Mother- ovens broken ask Tracy if we can do this another day.

Wow the oven broke again this is the fifth time. I have told my mom to get a new one but she doesn't listen. I tell Tracy what my mom wanted me to tell her.

" it's fine" she says as she pulls up to my drive way.

"Bye" I say as I get out 

"Bye" she says

As I walk towards the door of my house Tracy backs away from the drive way and away on the road. I'm scared to walk in I know why my mom really canceled now. The blinds are closed the windows are shut there's a black Prius in the drive way. It's my turn to be claimed. 
The claiming is when two Anomolies (head of council to be exact) come to your house and tell you who your Grigorie is and how you are going to be destined to fall in love with them. 

It doesn't matter if we don't agree it's going to happen anyways their just here to infom us to gives us a heads up. They like to be very closed and do this in closed premises that's why my mother did all this. As I reach for the door I take a deep breath to calm myself and get ready for my future.

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