Heart Of Stone


1. Chapter 1.


I'm sitting in a dark room and I don't know where I am. I can feel eyes on me and I can hear breathing. I want to scream I want to wake up from this dream. I see something darker then the night but clearer then day. I want to run away from where I am but I can't I'm stuck somewhere and I can't get out. I want to scream I hope some one will hear me. I try to scream but nothing comes out. 

I want to hide in the dark but I know that whoever is here they can see my every move. Like a lion can spot it's prey in the middle of the night. What ever is here I hope I'm not it's prey. Without even a slighted hint of movement or sound I feel something deep in my neck. It's teeth sinking every second into my skin. I can feel it draining my blood but it also infects a poison that makes my body shake. I don't know whats going on but I feel powerful every second. 

The thing releases me and I fall on the cold hard floor. I'm laying down I feel like a rag that was used and thrown away. I want to get up but I can't even though I feel powerful enough to I can't. I wait and hope for someone to find me and hope tht when they do I'm still alive. I have heard stories from my great grandfather about Anamolies. They feed on people's precious living resource. I knew for some reason my great grandfather was one if them he knew so much.

He also told me about the Rising and how they where agianst drinking human blood they preferred animals instead. Maybe that's what bite me an Anamolies. I'm I really that vulnerable and week. Or I'm I just being punked. I still lay here on the cold floor still not know ing where I am. 


I walked down the hallway and kiss my mother good bye as I'm heading to school. I get in my car it's a normal day filled with normal people. I would go to my normal classes and talk to my normal friends. I want things to change for there to excitement but all I get is black and grey. I feel like I'm in one of those black and white movies. Nothing interesting happens in those. I have lived I'm Werderg county all my life it's a small town with nothing to do. 

The nereast mall is two hours away and the nereast store is a little shack. I want to go somewhere I don't want to stay here all my life. I want to go out an explore the world have fun met new people see new things. I have been here to long and I need to get out its killing me and I don't think I can take it anymore. Sometimes I want to go to my house pack my bags and drive. I don't know where, anywhere is fine.

I finally pull up to my school and see teens as usual sitin on the grass or walking into the school. I didn't have friends only one  I mean I could make friends if I wanted to and that's the problem I don't want to. I like to keep to myself and when people try and come and talk to me I ignore them. It's not because I think I'm better then them no its just there the same people I have grown up with.

As I walk across the grass nobody looks at me I'm glad. These people or pers aren't exciting they want to stay here. Their boring like the rest of the town it's sad. Nobody plans on ever leaving and I wonder why sometimes. I have but one friend and he's just like me he doesn't want to stay here he plans on leaving as soon as he turns eighteen. He's the only one I can relate to when it comes to wanting to find an adventure. 


She looks beautiful today she always does. She's like a sister to me and like me she wants to leave this raty old town. She smiles at me when she sees me coming. I hug her and she hugs me back she smells like flowers then again she always did. That's on of the things I liked about her was her sent I know it's wrong but I'm in th Rising. I have no intention in ever drinking human blood and that's why I joined the Rising.

"Hey" I say as we walk inside 

"Hi" she says in a simple tone

"What's wrong" I say as I look at her in the eyes

"It's just ah I see this everyday the same people, same trees, same rood same everything!" She says as she makes crazy hand gestures with frustration.

It amazes me how passionate she is for leaving. She hates it here shes not like the others around here that love going hiking and biking. No she loves exploring but exploring the same thing for seventeen years come on it gets on your nerveas. I laugh she looks at me and doesn't say anything and thank god she doesn't because I don't want her to. I like the way she looks when she's in deep thought or rage. She's seriouse and nods her head agreeing to whatever her mind is debating.

Sometimes I want to tell her to run away from with me. That we can go where ever we want to we just have to grab the opportunity and never let go of it. I know she knows that I think and I know she's scared that that is what I am thinking. I want to tell her I'm an Anamolie but I'm a part of the Rising and I would never hurt her. I don't want to hurt her I want to protect her I know she doesn't share the same love for me as I do for her but I love her in a sister way.

When I find my Grigorie or partner (we like to use these terms instead of the ones humans gave us. It gives more dignity.) I will forget all about her. Finding our Grigorie is like finding true love but for us it's more tense more interesting. When we do find our Grigorie we only think about them, only talk about them, and only want to be with them and protect them. I can't fall in love with a mortal and plus Grigories are Anamolies of the different sex,

I want to tell her everything but I'm swarn to secrecy. Mortals aren't supposed to know about our world. That it's be the killer or be the hero. We have more and more people joining the Rising it's not a lot to take over the Anamolies but it's enough to try. We still need a leader someone who knows their way around has been with the Anamolies and learned there ways and came to the Rising to us there ways as an acet of defense. 

Anamolies want to take everything that is in this earth. They claim that humans toke from our kind and we must take from them (that's why they drink blood.) Those in the Rising know better, I know better, that we can live in harmony with humans.

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