He Changed My Story

What Happens when Cambri meets the new boy.....

COmment and tell me what you think please.


7. Where was Niall?

There we were Graduating. I swear when they called my name I almost fainted. But it's a good thing Niall was there. After graduated we went to dinner. Then we went back to my house and Niall had to go home. I hugged him then he left. 

The next day I went to his house like we planned but his mum said he wasn't there. I tried to call and text him but no answer. I was panicked he told me he would be home. I went to all of his favorite places but he was nowhere. I called again and still no answer. I decided to go home and message him on Facebook. He never replied.

Where was my Niall? He won't answer me. This is why I never let anyone in. I don't know what to do. I have called like 40 times but they go straight to voicemail. And when I text they are read but not answered.

I called him one last time And heard something that hurt me so much.....

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