He Changed My Story

What Happens when Cambri meets the new boy.....

COmment and tell me what you think please.


10. To My Surprise.

When I was released from the hospital Niall took me home. I felt terrible about about yelling at my mum. So I really wanted to go apologize. But when we got to my home I saw all of my belongings on the sidewalk. I walked in the house and my mum gave me a horrible look. Then she said, " Why are you in my house?" I was so confused. What was she talking about? Then she said, "You need to leave this is my house you do not live here anymore." How could my own mother throw me out of my home. Then Niall hugged me and said<" don't worry you can stay with me mum won't mind." I am so lucky to have Niall. He is so sweet and amazing. We pick all of my stuff up and went to his house. I told his mum the story and she welcomed me with open arms.
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