He Changed My Story

What Happens when Cambri meets the new boy.....

COmment and tell me what you think please.


2. The New Kid.

My name is Cambri, I am a junior at high school. Today we got a new kid named Niall. I don't really pay attention much so I didn't catch his last name. All the girls are madly in love with him, but I don't know why. He seems like an ordinary guy. I mean yeah he is the most attractive guy at the school but he might be a jerk. I just choose to keep my distance and remain a loner.

I don't really have any friends. Everyone refers to me as "the strange girl that never talks." You're probably thinking wow, that isn't nice at all. Yeah, your right but I guess that's just how life goes. I once ad a friend but one day he just shut me out. So I refuse to let anyone else in. 

Okay so, it's the second week of school and Mrs. Keefer assigned lab partners. (For science and stuff.) And you probably guessed she assigned me with Niall. But there is an upside to this is I no know his last name! (It's Horan.)  He sat down next to me and said a simple, "hi." I think he had an accent I couldn't really tell. He seemed so shy. But oh dear baby Jesus his smile was to die for! And he had perfect blue eyes. 

Anywho, so my lab partner is this perfect guy. Well He isn't a big talker so I say, "hey, so you're new um, hat school did you come from?" He could tell I was fumbling my words by his expression.

He said in a beautiful Irish accent, " I'm from Mullinger, Ireland." 

"How can someones voice be so perfect?" I say thinking out loud. Instantly my face turns red and I look away. He say with a smile on his face, " No, don't look away you look cute when you're embarrassed." Then the bell rang and I said "Bye see ya later!" And I was out like my butt was in flames.

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