He Changed My Story

What Happens when Cambri meets the new boy.....

COmment and tell me what you think please.


3. The Crush.

The next day I went to my locker and I found a note. It said:

Hey Cambri. I need help with some math, If you wouldn't mind coming

over to my home and helping me. This is my adress: 123 burmington lane.    

Please help me,

  Niall Horan

I went to class wondering why he asked me, then I wondered how in the world did he find my locker?

I walked into class and saw a cheeky Irish boy smiling at me. I walked over sat down and said, "yes, i'll help you." His smile got so big I thought his cheeks would rip. He hugged me really tightly and said, "Thanks, love." Oh that did it I was blushing again. 

Well after school I went to the address and knocked on the door. Niall answered and said, "Hey gorgeous, I thought you'd never show. Please come in."

I walked in and his mum was standing there smiling. She said, " Hello, You must be Cambri, It's very nice to meet you." I said as politely as possible, "Thanks, it's nice to meet you too." Then Niall said, "Lets go to my room before mum says anything else." His mum gave him a grin then said, " Niall is always talking about how pretty you are." 

"mum!" Niall said a little embarrassed. I just giggled a little and said, " Come on, we have to study." 

When we went to his room it was huge! We went over and sat at a little desk time thingy. Then he pulled out his math book and said, " Okay, the real reason I asked you here is because I kinda have a crush on you."

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