He Changed My Story

What Happens when Cambri meets the new boy.....

COmment and tell me what you think please.


8. He promised...

I called and a girl answered his phone. She said, " Hello, who is this?" I said, "I'm Cambri Nialls girlfriend." Then all I could here was them whispering. And I heard YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! And Niall said, " Babe, she is nothing I love you." I was in tears. I dropped the phone and went to the bathroom. 

I started crying more and then I spotted my Razor Blade. I picked it up and cut my wrist, thighs, stomach, anything I could. He lied to me. I was so furious that I threw the ring at the wall and kept cutting. Then I heard footsteps in my room. Then came a soft Irish accent saying, " Babe, I wasn't saying I love her I was trying to scream it to the phone." Then he saw the blood then my wrist and started to cry.

He ran to me and picked me up. I was barely conscious then He kissed my cheek and the room went dark. I awoke in a white room and I looked at my arms and they were bandaged up. And I had two IV's with red liquid in them. Then I heard Niall's voice and I started screaming the words, " I loved you, I loved you so much and all you do is cheat! You promised, You promised." Then the tears started streaming down my face and Niall said, "Love, I didn't do anything with her and I didn't tell her I loved her I was yelling it to the phone."

Then I felt his strong arms wrap around me. I tried to pull away but I was to weak. I loved Niall so much so I couldn't leave him. I was just hurt so bad. But I knew he was honest.

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