He Changed My Story

What Happens when Cambri meets the new boy.....

COmment and tell me what you think please.


4. Falling Fast and Hard.

I just gazed into his Deep blue eyes and said, "what?!?!" He said, "Yeah, you are just perfect, you're beautiful, sweet, and amazing." I couldn't move....I was just amazed. I said, " i'm speechless I can't believe you like me out of all the girls you like me. I'm breathless." Then Niall says with a grin, " I can fix that." And he kissed me so passionately. I was falling in love with a boy I met less than a month ago.  

I couldn't be falling for him because I knew I would only be broken again. This has happened before. Last year I was dating this guy named Aiden. He was the perfect boyfriend, well thats what I thought. He told me he loved me while he was "with" my best friend. I was broken. We were together for 9 months. I was so torn that I began to self-harm. And I became addicted. I just recently stopped but Sometimes I still have the urge but I fight it.

That is why I'm scared to trust Niall. But I can't help myself When he kissed me I tried to pull away but he pulled me closer. We kissed for a good 5 minutes before we had to stop and gasp for air. Then he looked at me with lust in his eyes and I had to kiss him again.

Then we finally were able to break apart and i said, " Okay, I gotta get home." He said, " Wait!" And he kissed me on the cheek. I giggled and left his room. I walked into the living room and his mum stopped me. She said, "Cambri, Niall really likes you and you're a sweet girl please don't hurt him." I nodded and left. 

As I was walking home I couldn't stop thinking about Nialls soft lips. Maybe he does really like me. If his mum even told me. I grab my head in frustration. Why does he have to like me! I mean yeah I am so happy that he does like me but.....I just can't think!


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