A Moment In Time

The final battle. Between good and evil never finished. It happened in a split second and suddenly they weren't there anymore. "Sirius don't give up your role as secret keeper. You can't trust Wormtail."
But being sociable with those from the past has its difficulties, one of them being…messing with the laws of time...


1. The Final Battle


“EXPELLIARMUS!” Time was running out and Harry knew by the second he shot the spell that he would lose... and he was. His spell was too weak and Voldemort’s was overpowering it. He knew he only had a few minutes to live, but he couldn’t help but think the very words; “This is not how your story is going to end Harry.” And it felt like it wasn’t him speaking, but it was his parents. Their voices rung throughout his head, their screams and cries and beg for mercy, but they were given none. And that’s when Harry broke it off and he glared at the man who was standing opposite him, they began circling each other. The man who he had been giving the truth. The murderer. The evil in the world. The Dark Lord. Lord Voldemort.


Harry looked through the crowd and spotted them. Hermione and Ron, sprinting towards him, but in an instant they had disappeared and he began to think the worst of what could have happened, but realized it could have been just a trick of his eyes.  Their faces imprinted in his mind, Ron’s figure, limping and bruised, broken and battered and Hermione’s glint in her eye. The one that only appeared in a time of desperation and determination.


Harry could hear their voices, nearing him, but he began to talk to Voldemort, once again revealing Dumbledore’s plan… the truth. “Of course he told you that, but he was Dumbledore’s spy from the moment you threatened her—”. Harry stopped speaking abruptly, because she was there. Hermione appeared once more, her nimble hands draping something around his neck. In a split second, they were standing in a graveyard, in Godric’s Hollow. Harry looked around him, searching for Hermione. She was leaning over Ron, wrapping a bandage around his foot.

“Hermione what—” She began to sniffle and tears began leaking from her chocolate brown eyes. “Harry… I’m so sorry!” She confessed and then she abandoned Ron and walked over to him. 

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