A Moment In Time

The final battle. Between good and evil never finished. It happened in a split second and suddenly they weren't there anymore. "Sirius don't give up your role as secret keeper. You can't trust Wormtail."
But being sociable with those from the past has its difficulties, one of them being…messing with the laws of time...


2. Explanation

“Hermione, what did you do? Harry asked a little uncertainly.

“Harry, I’m so sorry, I thought that you were loosing. The way that Voldemort was looking at you was unbearable.” She tried to hide the catch in the back of her throat. “Ron had been injured by a spell that was cast his way by Dolohov and the Carrow twins. He was supposed to be in the hospital wing with the others, but I took him to the Great Hall instead.” She stifled another sob and continued.


“So after I saw you were loosing I remembered you had given me the invisibility cloak and I had my time turner so…”

“What do you mean Hermione?” Harry expressed his confusion.

“Just let me finish!” She snapped and then resumed her sad self.

“Anyway,” she again continued, fresh tears spilling down her pale cheeks. “I thought considering I had both items to sneak up on you, slip the cloak and time turner around you and transport you back in time, so then you could win the duel, but—”

“But what Hermione?” Harry persisted.

She began to fully cry now. “But I-I tra-ansported u-us a-a bit further th-than I-I h-hoped.”


She saw Harry’s look of surprise and said while swiping tears from her eyes and taking a deep breath, “Harry, we are in the year 1981, do you know what that means?”

Harry looked surprised, but soon clarity spread across his face, followed by a huge smile.

“I will be able to see my parents!” He shouted into the night sky. His happiness radiating off of him like a lamp.

“Harry no— remember? We can’t reveal ourselves we would be breaking one of the most important wizarding laws, nobody is supposed to change time Harry, nobody! You don’t understand, you might attack them! Don’t you see? Professor McGonagall explained it to me in my third year, what terrible things can happen when wizards meddle with time… many of them end up killing people by accident.


“But Hermione, this could be our chance to set things right. Maybe my parents don’t have to die, not if we can convince Sirius not to give his role of secret keeper to Wormtail or if that doesn't succeed, maybe we could persuade him to pass it on to Dumbledore.” Harry looked pleadingly at Hermione.

She glanced at him, “No Harry, we can’t afford to!”

Ron gave a silent groan and she turned around, “Oh Ron! I almost forgot, let me help you.”

Harry thought deeply about the situation and knew with a bit of luck that he could get around Hermione. 

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