Taylor and Summer Young were just regular teens until One Direction decide to move next door. The boys of One Direction know that Taylor hates them while Summer adores them. But one of the boys decide to change the fact that Taylor hates them. Which boy will it be and while Taylor give in or will she hate them even more. Lives will be changed. Hearts will be broken. And questions will be answered.


2. The New Neighbors

Taylor's POV

I woke up to the my bedroom door opening. I groaned and rolled over. I heard footsteps walk from the door to my window. There was sudden light feeling the room. I blocked my eyes."C'mon,Taylor it's the first day a summer break and you won't even get up," my blonde friend,Summer, complained ."Well,sorry I like to actually sleep," I rolled over so I was facing her. She was standing there in shorts and a old zipped up jacket with her arms crossed."Why in the world do I need to get up at the crack of dawn," I complained."The new neighbors,and it's not the crack of dawn it's 10," I shrugged and got up."Well are the new neighbors fit," I asked. She nodded."Well get out so I can change," she left closing the door behind her. I grabbed high waisted black shorts,a white and black chiffon sleeveless top, and white converse. I walked to my bathroom. I put my clothes on tucking my top in. I brushed my hair out. I curled some strands that had straightened out over night then applying hair spray to keep them in place. I brushed my teeth and applied minimal amount of makeup. I grabbed my phone and slipped it in my back pocket. I walked downstairs to see Summer wearing a Plain White Ts shirt,white shorts, and white vans."Are you finally ready," she jokes."You said they were fit," I defended."Yeah about that," she played with her fingers. The way she did when she was about to tell the truth after lying."What," I asked."They're One Direction." My mouth dropped to the floor."Why didn't you tell me," I shouted."Cuz' I knew you'd say no," she answered,"And I don't want to go alone." She gave that face nobody could ever say no to."Ugh,why and I doing this," I said following her outside."Because you love me," she hugged me."As a sis," I finished. We laughed."They live right beside us," she nodded in response. I groaned. We came to the door of their house.

She raised her hand and knocked a couple of times. A minute after knocking the door opened."Summer," the almost bald one,Liam, said enveloping her in a huge hug. I just stood there awkwardly."Hey Li," she hugged him back. He pulled away."Who might this be," he asked smiling at me."I'm Taylor," I said with no emotion. Summer nudged me in my side. Hard I might add."Oi,don't do that," I said rubbing my side."Well,would you fine girls like to come in," Liam asked looking at us weirdly. We walked in. The space was no bigger than our house but the furniture looked like it costed millions of dollars. Typical celebrities."Well guys this is Taylor and you already know Summer," the rest of them jumped up and ran over to me. They hugged me."I am Louis,well,you probably already know though," he flipped his invisible long hair. I giggled."I'm Zayn,the good looking one," a taned guy appeared in front of me."I'm sorry but I have taken that spot," a blonde one popped up."I'm Niall," I smiled."And I'm Harry," a curlied haired one leaned to my ear,"I expect to see more often,babe," I rolled my eyes. Flirts. Soon we were sprawled out on the couch laughing at Braids Maids."Oh,my god I can't breathe," Summer said through fits of fits of laughter.

Soon in the middle of the movie my phone rang."Sorry," I said before walking outside."This is Taylor," I said putting the phone to my ear."It's Matt," I squealed."I've missed you," I said to my brother. He chuckled."I've missed you ,too, sis," I had some many questions."How's college doing and how is mom," I asked."School is fine but mom is a," he kind of drifted off."What," I asked clearly concerned."Her illness is getting worse, I can't support her medical bills and college fees at the same time," he sounded like he was about to cry."Matt,I-I'm sorry I should be there,I'll fly out there next week, I promise," we said our byes and hung up. I walked back in putting on a fake smile. We finished the movie I couldn't laugh knowing my mom was in America suffering from a fatal illness. Thank god ,none of them noticed my sadness. Maybe Summer did,but she was my best friend and of course she would notice.

Once the movie was over we all said out good byes and Summer and I went home."See they weren't that bad now were they," Summer closed the front s.door locking it in the process. I shrugged. Actually they pretty nice but Harry annoyed me with his flirty and suggestive comments he said towards me when nobody was looking or paying any attention."G'night," Summer said as she walked into her bedroom. I walked into mine throwing my shoes off and walking to my drawers. I pulled out shorts and an old Jack Wills jacket. I threw off my top and shorts and put my pjs on. I put my hair up in a messy bun and tossed my other clothes in the wash bin. I climbed in my bed and turned off the lamp on my bedside table. 



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