Taylor and Summer Young were just regular teens until One Direction decide to move next door. The boys of One Direction know that Taylor hates them while Summer adores them. But one of the boys decide to change the fact that Taylor hates them. Which boy will it be and while Taylor give in or will she hate them even more. Lives will be changed. Hearts will be broken. And questions will be answered.


4. OMG!!!!!

Harry's POV

After Taylor said she didn't have a boyfriend I had to find a way for her to like me. But I didn't know how. She's just really picky and doesn't seem like she likes me. I had to find a way.... I just had to....


Taylor's POV

I can't stand flirts... I just can't.... That's why I act rude around Harry. If he wasn't such a flirt I might go out with him. I went upstairs after breakfast and decided to pack so I could go see my mom and bro. It's the middle of summer there so it was easy to pack since all my summer clothes here are already out. I got packed and started heading out the door when everyone was questioning me, "Where are you going?" "To the states to see my sick mom and my brother Matt." I replied. They all looked sad. I said my byes and walked out the door. I got to the airport and got on the 17 hour flight. *GROAN* I sat down and was lonely sitting by myself till another teen girl with blonde hair came and sat with me. "Why are you sitting here by yourself?" She asked. I recognized the voice and turned my head and when I did, there sat my bff, Summer. "OMG!!!!! What are you doing here?!?!?!?!?!?" I said. She shrugged her shoulders and said, "I don't know." Then we both laughed. The flight wasn't that bad because I slept through a lot of it and Summer was there.


Sorry for da crappy chapter!


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