Taylor and Summer Young were just regular teens until One Direction decide to move next door. The boys of One Direction know that Taylor hates them while Summer adores them. But one of the boys decide to change the fact that Taylor hates them. Which boy will it be and while Taylor give in or will she hate them even more. Lives will be changed. Hearts will be broken. And questions will be answered.


5. Mom?

Taylor's  POV

 Once we got off the plane my brother,Matt,was there to pick us up."Long time no see,my dearest sister," he joked as he got in the car after helping us with our luggage. I rolled my eyes. We had a pretty usual drive home. Which consisted of Matt and I having our brotherly and sisterly fights,and Summer laughing her arse off. Even though Matt annoyed the ever living hell out of me,I was glad to see him again."Cats are way better than dogs," I defended."Ah,no dogs are more active than cats," he fought back."Cats are active you,they hunt for mice and other small animals,dingbat," he still shook his head."I can't believe you're fighting over whether or not a cat is better than a dog," Summer said,relaxing in the backseat."Cats don't wreck the entire house when you're gone," I added in my defense. Soon after Matt let me win,we arrived to my old house. I stepped out and went to the back of the car to the trunk. I opened it and grabbed my bags. I then closed the trunk,forgetting Summer had to get hers."Thanks,for leaving the trunk open," I heard her call,sarcastically."Your welcome," I called back. I waited for Matt to open the front door. Once he did,I walked in and went to my mom's room. She laid in her bed. Her skin was white,her brown hair was grey,and her eyes,that were always full of life,were dull,as if all life had been sucked out of them. I dropped my bags and ran to her side. I grabbed her hand in mine and squeezed it. Letting her know I was there."Mom," I whispered. She turned her head so she was looking at me."I'm sorry," I apologized,for not being there."It's fine," she said,her voice softer than a whisper."Go unpack your bags," she commanded. I smiled remembering all the times when I was younger I had been told to unpack my luggage. She smiled at the thought also."I love you,mom," I whispered before leaving. I walked to my old room I had when I was younger. The walls were painted light blue with clouds dotting the walls. The ceiling was also blue with clouds and a sun on it. The floor was a green carpet. My bed was pushed to the wall with a old chest at the foot of the bed. A white desk was against the far wall from the door. I walked to my bed and placed my bags on top of the blue duvet. I remembered when I was picking out the colors for my room when I was a kid. I smiled at the thought. I paced to my desk. I saw pencils and pens scattering the surface around a paper I never finished. It was a graffiti sketch of the word 'Changed'. I never knew why I got the urge to draw that. I promised myself I would finish it through the time I was here. Maybe during the night when I was alone. I walked back over to my bed to my unpacked bags and began to put clothes away to my dresser and closet.

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