Taylor and Summer Young were just regular teens until One Direction decide to move next door. The boys of One Direction know that Taylor hates them while Summer adores them. But one of the boys decide to change the fact that Taylor hates them. Which boy will it be and while Taylor give in or will she hate them even more. Lives will be changed. Hearts will be broken. And questions will be answered.


3. Everyone I Met Is

Taylor's POV

I woke up to my phone ringing. I rolled over and picked up my phone. The id was My Block Of Colby Cheese. I smiled.It was my friend Colby."Ello my block of cheese," I said putting my pohone to my ear."Hey,just callin' to see how you were doing," he sounded nervous."I'm good how about you," I asked."Nervous," he replied."Why is that," I sat up furrowing my eyebrows together clearly concerned."I'm about to propose to,uh, Bree," he answered. I jumped up with excitement Bree was his girlfriend since 12 grade. It was about time they got engaged"Don't be should will defiantly say yes," I encouraged him."But what if she says no," he started bombarding me with 'what ifs'."If she loves she will say yes and if she says no,well, I don't think she would've put up with all those years," he laughed."And besides she knows I'll come wreck her ass if she says no," he let out a chuckle."So feeling nervous now," I asked hoping my encouragement helped."Not as much," he answered."Well,go and get her," I said my goodbye and so did he."Who was that," Summer walked into my room. Not to mention scaring the shit out of me. I jumped."Colby, he's proposing to Bree," Summer got really excited."Oh,my,god, we can be maids of honor," she started rambling on and ob about their wedding. I laughed."I pretty sure Bree inn't going to want us to be bride's maids,she probably has family that wants to do that," I reasoned but she kept going on about it. I rolled my eyes and got out of bed. As I stood up my belly rumbled."Okay I'll feed you," I said patting my torso. Summer and I went downstairs. I went to the kitchen. I got out pancake batter,eggs,biscits, and bacon. Summer came in."Anything you need help with," right after she said that there was a knock on the door. She went to open the door as started to mix pancake batter. From the kitchen i heard British voices with an Irish voice. I looked up. From over the breakfast counter I could 5 boys sitting on the couch."Your making food for 5 more," Summer called from the living room."Well at least help with something,this isn't easy ya' know," she got up from the couch but before she could get up a curlied haired boy insisted on helping me. She refused at first but she finally gave in. I silently groaned. Harry came into the kitchen."Start the bacon," I said pouring the first pancake on a plate. He nodded. We started cooking."Taylor what are you doing," he asked."I'm making pancakes what the hell does it look like I'm doing,herding sheep," sarcasm dripped from my words."No duh Sherlock,but that's not how make a pancake," he looked at me weirdly."Well,if you the 'master of making pancakes' show me then," I said stepping away from the stove. I watched as he made the pancake."Dude,that's same exact way I was making it," I stepped back in front the stove."No it wasn't," he protested like a 5 year old. Well,he is a 5 year old stuck inside of a 19 year old."Whatever you say," I silently worked on making pancakes. Once I had all of them finished I started on the eggs.Before I put the eggs on I put the pre-made biscits in the oven. Harry was done with the bacon. Once I was done with every thing I put it on plates and put all the plates in the center of the table and alined the table with 7 plates with a fork and butter knife. We were all seated at the table talking and laughing. Until somebody brought up the subject relationship. I sunk back into my chair."Well do you have a boyfriend," Niall asked me. I gulped and said a simple no. There mouths dropped to the floor. Summer went on talking trying to change the subject."Wait so,Taylor, doesn't have a boyfriend," they sounded astonished. I was perfectly fine without one. And who would want to date a ugly mess. I sure wouldn't. So why would anyone else want to?

"Yeah,and I am perfectly fine without one,I already have one man who is jack ass in my life why do I need another," after that every one went quite."Not every man on Earth is a jack ass," Harry reasoned breaking the silence."Everyone I have met is," I mumbled and went back in to my silence.


Sorry about the crappy chapter.

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