You Were the One, Maybe

Ever thought you had a best friend you could talk to about anything? Well I did, that's right DID!! Harry was like my best friend, until he went off and became famous. I can't stand him anymore, until one summer, he comes home with the rest of the boys. He reminds me of old times. Am I getting soft? Am i actually talking to Harry again? Am I in love....???



(Emily's P/O/V)

I woke up in my room drenched in sweat. But why? I looked over at my phone to see that it was 2:47pm and that my best friend Lila kept texting. I quickly got up and changed, brushed my teeth and my naturally curly hair. I always liked how they fell into the perfect place, just as if I just used a curling iron, although I normally flat ironed it.I walked out the room and ran down the stairs, I walked into the kitchen no one was there. My phone went off like a bazillion times, they were from Lila.

She nevers leaves me alone, that's why I've been ignoring her lately. I unlocked my phone and went straight to her messages. She said " Hey girl. I tried calling your house yesterday. You didn't answer, but one of your friends did. Or that's what he says. But anyway, hoping we will be able to hang out soon. Bi!!!!! " I replied back saying " Alright, and that sounds fun. How about you come over at around 5pm. I'll be here all day. " after it was sent, I got some breakfast and went and sat in the sitting room. I turned on the tv and ate my cereal. My phone went off, it was from Niall. I answered it

(Me and Niall's Phone Conversation)

Niall: Hey Emily

Me: Hi Niall. Were is everybody?

Niall: Oh, Louis and Harry went to the mall, Zayn and Liam went to the movies, and I'm at the beach.

Me: Oh ok, well at least someone could have left me a note or texted me so I got it when I woke up.

Niall: Sorry Ms. Cranky, anyways were are going out to eat at around 6:30. All 6 of us.

Me: Um Niall, all 7 of us

Niall: Huh? 7 but there's only six of us, and I'm pretty sure I know how to count

Me: I invited my friend to come over at 5, she's coming with us to eat.

Niall: No!! I... I mean we only got a reservation for 6.

Me: Well then there will only be 5 going out then (at this point I was getting quite annoyed)

Niall: No your coming she's ...

I cut him off before he could say anymore.

Me: Niall, huh we will talk about this later. Ok? I'm not in the mood, and I have a headache. I think it's cause my cuts on arm.

Niall: There is pain medicine in the bathroom. And I like how you can just say it normally, like it doesn't bother you.

Me: It does bother me Niall. It just hurts, ok.

Niall: Ok, you mind if I ask you a question?

Me: You just did, but yea.

Niall: Why don't you like Harry that much? Why don't you like any of us that much?

Me: Huh, Niall, I don't want to talk about this now ok?

Niall: Come on just answer. No one else can hear you. Was it something someone did to you? Was it a dare? Did Harry do something to you?

I sighed at the last question, and all the other one's too.

Me: Nothing Niall. I don't like to talk to people about it, and I'm not going to ok. No matter what you do, you can't get me to talk. Ok Niall? Now no more questions. I have to go. I'll see you later.

Niall: Alright, bye

(End of Phone Conversation)

I hung up and put my bowl in the sink. I decided to clean the place up, it looked terrible. And since my friend was coming over later, I don't think she should see this. Besides, 7 people living in one house, ugh, I don't know we're to start.

After a while of cleaning I checked the time, it was 3:49pm. The boys should be home soon. Now that the whole place was clean, I could relax before the boys get here. They would be here any minute. I turned on the TV to X-Factor, even though my dumba** brother was on there doesn't mean I don't like the show.

After about 10 minutes I heard car doors slam shut, I knew they were home. Niall, Louis, and Harry walked in. I Guess Zayn and Liam were still at the movies. " Hey Emily " Harry said " Hi " I said roughly back. " What's up with the attitude? " Louis asked " Nothing. Why do you ask? It's non of your business anyway. " I replied " Ouch.. " Harry said " Whatever, I'm going upstairs to my room. " I said loudly will I walked up the stairs.

I went into my room and plopped down on my bed. I took the remote that controlled my phone dock and turned it on. It started playing my music off my phone, I decided to blast it so I couldn't hear anyone or anything else. I started to paint on my walls. I was painting a flower, I was quite sure though what kind it was. All the sudden my music was turned down, I quickly said " No one touches my music, or less turns it down. " I quickly turned around sitting down the paintbrush and I saw Niall standing there. " Wow, didn't know you were touchy about your music. You must really like it. " Niall said

" Yea, it's the only thing I've had since Harry left. " I couldn't look at Niall's face, so I just looked down at my bed. " Really? Why? Don't you have any friends to hang out with? " he asked " Well, all my friends moved away and, my boyfriend um... " I stopped it was so hard to say. " Um, never mind.... I don't want to talk about it. " I replaced it with the truth. " All right, so are you ok? You didn't sound very happy over the phone! " Niall asked " Well you should be used to it by now. I'm always like that. "

Sorry this chapter is shorter than the rest. I've been really busy lately. So plz no hate!!!! Thank you

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