You Were the One, Maybe

Ever thought you had a best friend you could talk to about anything? Well I did, that's right DID!! Harry was like my best friend, until he went off and became famous. I can't stand him anymore, until one summer, he comes home with the rest of the boys. He reminds me of old times. Am I getting soft? Am i actually talking to Harry again? Am I in love....???


2. Summer Memories

Hi, I'm Emily Styles. I know what your thinking " OH MY GOSH, YOUR HARRY STYLES SISTER!!! " well can you shut up, and stop freaking out. Yea I'm Harry Styles sister. So what?? Everyone thinks that just because I'm his sister, I'm sooo much like him. Well, I'm not. I'm that girl who never is quiet, always moves around, will beat the crap out of you, not afraid to say no, dis-obey my parents, always dating some boy, is mostly a tom-boy, stay away from me, bad girl. Maybe if I wasn't alone most of the time, I wouldn't be like this. Ever since X-Factor, Harry has been away making money, leaving me and my mom out here in the street. Well who gives a crap about Harry right? Well I don't.

If he were actually worried, or even cared about us, he would send us money, or give us a new place to live, with all that freaking money he is earning. Bad thing is though, when I leave my house, I can't walk that well cause I am swarmed by fans, and paparazzi. Always asking me questions about Harry, and wanting me to spill secrets. Well to freaking bad. I just wish Harry never became famous. Crap you Harry Styles, crap you for leaving us behind.

(Emily's P/O/V)

I woke up this morning to the beeping sound of my phone. My best friend Emma has been texting me a lot. I got up, brushed my teeth and my hair, did my make-up, and put on some black skinny jeans, a white tank-top, an oversized sweatshirt, and my purple high-top Converse. I grabbed my phone and went downstairs to the smell of food in the kitchen. My mom was in there making breakfast, that's when I knew I had to tough through it, and eat it anyway. Her food always taste like crap. " Goodmorning Emily. " my mom said. " Morning Lea " I replied, I don't call my mom "mom", I never have. " How did you sleep last night?? " " Fine " She handed me my plate full of burnt food, I knew I couldn't eat it, so I just told her I wasn't hungry and pushed the plate away. " She gave a weird look, " What?? " I said with an attitude, " Oh nothing, just thought you would of liked to know something. " she said " Fine, tell me " I replied " Ok, first enough with the attitude " I rolled my eyes " and two your older brother Harry.. " I gave her a stern look because we never mention my brothers name, " Yea?? " " he is coming to visit for the summer. He is coming this Friday with the rest of the boys. They decided to stay here for the summer. " at this I spit out my water I had in my mouth, and looked up at my mom. " What?? Harry's coming back, with One Direction?? Why here?? Why now?? Summer has already started, and besides there isn't enough room here for 5 boys, plus me and you. " I said " Well your room is pretty big, so you are going to be sharing it with Harry, and one of his other friends, and the other 3 will sleep in the master bedroom. And I'll sleep in the guest room. " she said " What?!! Me share a room with Harry, and someone else?? I'll have no privacy!! Lea!!!??? Why??? " she rolled her eyes " because I said so, so deal with it. " I rolled my eyes and let out a huge "puff" of air out. I got up and walked back up stairs to my room. I got inside then closed the door and locked the door. Then I leaned up against the door, and just slide my back down the door.

(Harrys P/O/V)

I can't believe I'm going home for the summer, and that my friends are coming along with me. I haven't seen my mom in years, same with my lil' sis. She is 18 now, and she is almost 19 pretty soon. I'm so happy, I wonder if they have changed, probably. But I'm not so sure about Emily, last time I treys to talk to her she told me to go away and never come back. She really hurt me. We'll better go to bed, tomorrow I get to home. Yes!!!!!!!

(3 Days Later)

(Emily's P/O/V)

I woke up this morning to banging on my bedroom door " EMILY!!!! WAKE UP!!!!! HARRY WILL BE HERE SOON!!!! " Ugh, I couldn't imagine this day ever coming. " ALRIGHT!!!! " I yelled back. I got up and got a shower, dried myself, brushed my teeth and hair, flat ironed my hairy, put on a little make-up, and put on my dark blue skinny jeans, a blue tank-top, and my black converse. I went down stairs to see McDonalds on the kitchen table, I grabbed my food and went back up stairs to my room, I ate and watched tv wi'll I waited for them. After I finished eating, I turned off the TV and blasted my music, where you could here it next door. I went to my closet and pulled out my paint and paint brushes. I grabbed the plate with the paint on it and my brush, then I started to paint on the walls. My mother wouldn't care, she already knows anyway. I was in the middle of painting my picture when my music turned off. " Get your butt downstairs right now!!!! " my mom yelled " Why?? " I asked " Harry and the boys are in the living room. Go down and say hi right now!! " she demanded " Ok, ok. I'll go. " I said rolling my eyes.

(Harry's P/O/V)

We just got of the plane, and are heading to our car. We kept driving till I realized we were getting close to home. As we got closer I could hear music coming out of my sisters room, she had her window open and I could see the back of her colorful head. I ran up to the door, as soon as I was about to knock the door swung right open. " HARRY!!! " mom yelled " MOM!!! " I yelled back " Come in, come in guys. Leave the bags, we will get them later. Harry show them the sitting room. And there is also food on the coffee table. Don't make a mess!!! She said. Me and the boys walked into to sitting room, and sat down. As usual Niall started to dig into the snacks. Then mum walked upstairs to go get Emily. " Who's Emily? Is that your sister?? " Louis asked " No it's his maid!! " replied Zayn sarcastically.

(Emily's P/O/V)

I put my paint stuff down, then headed downstairs. I walked through the kitchen, and into the sitting room. I don't think anyone has noticed me yet, I stood in the back till someone did. They were all talking when I walked back into the kitchen, then turned around and came out the door with a loud "puff". Everyone turned to me, Harry saw me and got up and ran to give me a hug. " I missed you so much, Ems!! " he exclaimed " You too " I said sounding sarcastic " Hi everyone " I said " Hello " all the boys said together. Louis kept staring at me, so did Niall. Awkward much, " So Ems, what have you been up to lately?? " Harry asked " Nothing really, besides hanging out my Skylar and my Boyfriend. " I replied not really in the mood to talk him " So Emily.. " Liam started " I hear you like One Direction?? " he said with a smirk on his face " You guys only wished I did. I don't listen to that stuff, thank you very much. Harry should have told you. He already knows this. " I said rolling my eyes at Harry. " Emily!! " my mom said through gritted teeth " Why don't you sit down, and get to know everyone. Now!!!! " she said. So I went and sat down in between Harry and the couch arm. We sat there for a while silently until Zayn broke it " So anybody want to do anything today? " " Oh my!!! " my mom shouted " I have to go to work, you guys have fun. See ya later. " " Bye " everyone said " Soo?? Want to play a game? " said Zayn " A game really? " I said with an attitude " Yea, a game. I'm pretty sure you don't play that many games, cause your not that fun. " Zayn said " Oh really, ok " I said rolling my eyes, Zayn grunted to my lil' remark. I knew me and him were going to be best friends. Not!!!

(Harry's P/O/V)

We just sat there. Everyone was thinking.

(Louis's P/O/V)

" hey " I said. Everyone turned to look at me " let's play truth or dare?! " " Sure " they all agreed " ok, um... Emily you first. Truth or dare? " " Dare " she said simply " Ooo never heard a girl say dare before. " Liam said. All the boys nodded in agreement " Ok, I dare you to... Go take Niall into the bathroom and kiss him for 15 seconds. " Harry gave me the death glare " Don't forget she is my sister. She's got limits. " Harry said putting his arm around Emily and squeezed her tight. " Don't worry Harry, it's fine, I'm almost 18. I can decide myself. " Emily said she then grabbed Niall by the wrist and pulled him. 30 seconds later they she came back. " Where's Niall? " Liam asked " Getting a snack. " she said " of course ". After about another couple hours playing truth or dare, it was already 9:58pm.

(Harry's P/O/V)

" I'm going to bed "

(Nialls P/O/V)

" Yea me too "

(Liam's P/O/V)

" Yup, night everyone "

(Zayns P/O/V)

" Yea " I said then Emily decided to trip me " Really?? " I said staring at her. This was going to be the perfect summer.

(Emily's P/O/V)

" Ok, night guys. I'm going to stay down here. "

I said while still giggling a little bit from me tripping Zayn. " Louis..." " Hm??" He said looking up " You going to bed with the others? " I asked " Oh, no. Not yet " " Ok " I said. " Hey, Louis can you hand me that blanket please? " " Yea, sure " he said. He stood up and walked over to me and handed it to me, then sat down next to me on the long part of the couch. He kept looking at me, after a little while if watching tv, I felt him put his arm around my neck. I slid down, and snuggled into his chest. I looked up at him to see him staring at me. We were so close, face to face, our noses were practically touching. He leaned in, and I just sat there like an idiot until he pressed his lips against mine. They were so soft, and warm. I didn't want it to stop, then I pulled away, still with my eyes wide open. Then I fell asleep on his chest. And he carried me up stairs, when he sat me on my bed I said " Thanks Louis " " Your welcome " he replied and kissed my forehead. I already knew me and him were going to get along just fine.

Sorry, I will have the next chapter up and ready to read soon. Thanks for waiting, don't forget to like and comment and follow. Thank you, bye!!!

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