You Were the One, Maybe

Ever thought you had a best friend you could talk to about anything? Well I did, that's right DID!! Harry was like my best friend, until he went off and became famous. I can't stand him anymore, until one summer, he comes home with the rest of the boys. He reminds me of old times. Am I getting soft? Am i actually talking to Harry again? Am I in love....???


3. Panicking!!!!!

(Emily's P/O/V)

I woke up this morning to smell of pancakes. I got up brushed my hair and my teeth, and put on some sweatpants, my bob Marley t-shirt, my jacket, and my Adidas. I put on a lil' eye shadow and mascara on, and went downstairs. I walked into the sitting room to see if anyone was in there. There was no one, then I heard laughter in the kitchen.

I walked in to see the boys sitting at the table, while Harry made pancakes, bacon, eggs, and toast. " Mmm smells good. Nice to smell non-burnt food for a change. " all the boys giggled at my remark, except Zayn. He wasn't downstairs yet. " Is anyone going to go wake up Zayn? " Liam asked " I will " I replied. I got up from the table and went into the backyard, I found a bucket, then I snuck back in with it. I went up stairs to the bathroom and filled it up with water. I went into his room, he was asleep, he looked so peaceful. I hate peaceful, so I dumped the bucket of water on him. He shot up and glared at me as I slowly backed out the room, and as soon as I hit the door frame, I ran. " " EMIlY!!!! " Zayn yelled. I stopped at the end of the hallway, right before the stairs, when I looked back and saw an angry, wet Zayn walking down hallway with his night pants on.

I ran down the stair, and he ran after me. I made it to the kitchen when I hid behind the counter, and Harry, when in came the beautiful princess(Zayn). We all started to laugh, " We're is she?? " Zayn asked I slowly peeked my head over the counter, then he caught me. " Don't ever do that again!!!! Or you'll pay for it. " he said with an angry face, wi'll pointing his finger at me. Then Liam told him to go get changed, as soon as he left I came out from behind the counter. " Don't worry, he's gone. He can't do anything now. " Niall said " I'm not afraid of him, I just thought it was funny. " I said while rolling my eyes. All the boys chuckled at my remark, Harry rolled his eyes " Typical you " he said. I turned around on my heel and put my hands in my hips

" What Harry?? Typical me?? What's typical about me is that I should have a normal life, but no, I don't. Because of you being famous, I get crushed by fans and paparazzi everyday. And I talk to my other family members. Unlike some people. " I said with an attitude , while crossing my arms. " We'll I'm sorry you have to have that happen to you. I'm trying to help out the family, but some people just don't c... " I cut him off " Don't even say it!!! I do care about the family but you clearly don't. You never call, text or even bother to send a letter just to say hi and check up on us. We live in this ratty old, freaking place, yet you send NO money to help us. All you care about is yourself. " I yelled.

I had a tear running down the side of my face, I covered my face with my hands. I heard footsteps coming towards me, it was Harry. He embraced me in a hug, I pushed him off and said " You don't understand!!! You never have ever since you left for freaking X-Factor!!!!! Just leave me alone!!!!!! " I yelled and ran up stairs, Harry and the boys ran after me into the hallway. They followed me upstairs, but I slammed my door shut, and locked it. I went into the bathroom, and shut and locked that to. The boys kept slamming on the door

" Em open up now!!! " Harry screamed " Come on Emily!!! " Louis and Liam yelled " Don't do it Emily, please!!!! " Niall yelled " Zayn just shouted " Open the door!!!! ". I didn't want to so I just sat there, I started looking for a razor. I found one, then started to cut, I let out a huge painful scream, and then another and another as I kept going. The boys started to freak out, they kicked the door down, then took the extra key and unlocked the bathroom door. When they got it open I already 17 cuts on my arm, with a pool of blood on the floor, and had my head in my hands, I was sobbing. Really?? Am I crying?? I never cry, I never have. Is this natural for me??? What's going on??

Long thoughts kept going through my head. The boys picked me up, and caried me downstairs into the sitting room, and laid me on the couch. I still had my head in my hands. Someone grabbed my hands and pulled them away from my face, I refused to let them see me this way. Soon enough they got hands down by my sides, I had closed my eyes. When I opened them I first saw Harry, then Liam, Louis, Niall, and then Zayn.

They all had worried faces. " W-what?? Don't fe-el bad for m-me. D-d-don't pitty me. The-ere is no r-r-reason that yo-u shou-uld. " I said then I heard " We need to bandaged all those cuts. " someone said it, I couldn't recongnise who though. Then I felt a sharp pain on my arm and jerked it away. " It's ok, it's ok. " a soothing voiced re-ashured me. Then after he was done I fell asleep on the couch.

(Harry's P/O/V)

Everything was going perfectly fine until she ran upstairs crying. We all knew what she was going to do, we kept banging on the door, she wouldn't let us in, so Zayn kicked down the door. He found the bathroom key and unlocked it, she was sitting on the floor sobbing into her hands, with cuts up and down her arm. The bloody razor was on the floor, in a pool of blood. Liam picked her up, and put her on the couch in the sitting room. We got her hands off her face, she didn't say anything. Then she said " What?? Don't pitty me. Don't feel bad. There's no reason you should. "

Then Liam went and got some bandages and a wash cloth and started to fix her cuts. We all sat there when she screamed and pulled her arm away. Liam told her it was ok, she gave her arm back. She kept wincing and letting out small screams and moans, because the pain hurt so bad. After we finished, we put on TV. She was laying down, and had her feet on my lap. I looked over to her to notice she was asleep. I got up and covered her with a blanket. After that, we watched TV until we all fell asleep at about 10:00pm.

(Louis's P/O/V)

When I saw her in the bathroom, on the floor, I felt so bad for her. I just wanted to hug and kiss her. What?? An I falling for Emily?? Do I really love her??? No I can't, but I do. I just wish I could tell her without Harry getting mad. Hm??

Hey, sorry if my chapters are short. I'm new at this and I hope you guys like it so far. I will have a new one out soon. Thanks for reading. And don't forget to comment and like down below. And follow!!! Thanks, Bye!!! :D

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