You Were the One, Maybe

Ever thought you had a best friend you could talk to about anything? Well I did, that's right DID!! Harry was like my best friend, until he went off and became famous. I can't stand him anymore, until one summer, he comes home with the rest of the boys. He reminds me of old times. Am I getting soft? Am i actually talking to Harry again? Am I in love....???


4. Falling Down Harder

(Emily's P/O/V)

I woke up on the couch, staring at the ceiling. I shot right up wondering why I wasn't I'm my bed. I looked around the room and saw Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn in the sitting room. " Well, well, well. Look who's awake at last lads. " Liam said I looked over to him " What happened? " I asked " Well.... " Niall started " You kinda slept on the couch. " Louis said I looked at him with a you freaking serious look planted on my face. " I meant before I fell asleep. " I said " Oh um... you kinda got mad at Harry, then ran upstairs into the bathroom and you... " I cut him off " Ok, you don't need to say anymore. " I looked down at my arm and saw the bandages.

I lightly touched it and winced. I sat up on the couch, when Harry came into the room with a plate full of food " Here you go. Your breakfast. " Harry said with a cheeky smile on his face. I took the food and then remembered why I got mad at Harry, and I looked away from him. He had a small frown on his face. I sorta felt bad not looking or even talking to him.

I finished eating then and put my plate on the table. " I'm going to get a shower and change. " I said " Alright " Louis said I nodded, and just as I was about to walk out the door Zayn called my name " Emily " I turned around to see him staring at his phone, then look up at me " What?? " I asked " Oh, I just wanted to let you know we took all sharp objects out the house. " he said with a grin " Zayn!!! " Harry and Liam yelled " What? I thought she should know. " " Zayn yo.. " I cut Harry off " No, no. It's fine. I can handle it myself. And thank you so very much Zayn for telling me. At least I know and you know my plan isn't going to work now. " I said will turning around and start to walk away, then I stopped at the door frame, and halfway turned around to see him looking at me " Lucky for you Zayn. Now, I'm just a lonely wolf without its pack. " I paused and turned back around " Well, at least for now. " I said continuing out the door to go into the hallway.

When I got to the outside of the door I started laughing. What did I do now??

(Niall's P/O/V)

She woke up and ate her breakfast, she said she was going to go get a shower and change. " Alright " Liam said, we all just shook our heads but Zayn. She got up and started waking towards the door, as she was a few steps away from the door Zayn called out her name. " What? " Emily said turning around with her hand on her hip, " Oh, I just wanted to let you know we took all sharp objects out the house. " Zayn said with a grin on his face. Harry and Liam said his name is " what the heck was that for? " kinda way. " No, no. It's fine. I can handle it myself. And thank you so very much Zayn for telling me. At least I know and you know that my plan isn't going to work now. " Emily replied, she turned around and got to the door, everyone was staring at her with a confused face. Then she said " Lucky for you Zayn. Now, I'm just a lonely wolf without its pack. " she paused " Well, at least for now. " she said then walked out.

We all looked at Zayn with an " Oh shoot, your in for a world of terror " face. After a few seconds we loud laughter and we all chuckled at her attempted evil laugh. Zayn had a worried look, then we all heard a loud " THUD " we all quickly got up and ran up the stairs to Emily's room. She was on he floor having a seizure. I didn't know what to do so I leaned against the wall, and slide down. I burrows my face in my hands and began to sob.

Zayn came over to comfort me will the others went to look at her. After a few min ties she stopped moving. " Oh shoot!!! " Louis yelled running to the nearest phone, " W-w-what's wrong-g?? " I studered " I looked at Harry who was now sobbing into his legs as he curled up into a ball. " She stopped having a pulse, and she won't move or respond. " Liam said worried " I called 911, there on their way " Louis said running back to her. I started to get light headed, and dizzy, and I began to shake. Everything was going fuzzy. Then I blacked out.

(Zayn's P/O/V)

I was comforting Niall will the rest made sure Emily was ok. I was hugging Niall when he started to shake. I pulled away to look at his face, he was turning white. I kept shaking him, he wouldn't answer, I kept looking at his eyes to see if he was awake. Then they rolled back in his head and he closed his eyes. He fell sideways, Harry ran over to me and him. We helped him, while Louis and Liam were watching Emily. A few minutes later the door burst open. The paramedics had to push Louis and Liam out the way to get Emily. Then they had to practically pull Harry away from Emily and Niall.

We went out to the car and followed the ambulance to the hospital. We got there and ran inside, they wouldn't let us through until was ok. We kept struggling to get through but there was no choice but to sit and wait.

(Liam's P/O/V)

I can't say anything, all I could do was sob into my hands will I rested my arms on my legs. All I felt was hurt and brokenness, like someone took a knife and toor up my feelings and turned them to hurt.

(Louis's P/O/V)

We sat there for what felt like an hour, when we heard footsteps. We looked on the hallway and so now running towards us, we all got up and gave him a big group hug. " Are you ok? What happened? " Liam said " I'm fine, I'm fine. Is Emily okay?? " Niall asked " We don't know yet. The doctor hasn't come to say anything. But we have be.... " I got cut off by the doctor walking out her room " Family and friends of Mrs. Emily? " " Me!!!! " we all said standing up " Okay then, Emily is doing great, she has a mild concussion, her breathing is well, and heart rate is normal. " the doctor said " you may go inside now to see her. " We all said thank you as we walked in.

(Harry's P/O/V)

I saw sleeping on the hospital bed, I felt so bad, it was all my fault. I sat down and began to cry, I covered face with my hands. I felt someone pull me up, it was Liam, he pulled me into a big hug.

(Niall's P/O/V)

I saw her on the bed, she looked so peaceful. I walked over to her, and pulled a chair over and sat down. I looked into her beautiful face, I buried my face in my hands and began to cry. Harry stopped crying and looked over to me, and so did the other boys. I looked up and ask them if everything was okay, they all nodded their heads than Harry said " Niall, is everything okay? " " Yeah, why wouldn't it be? " I replied " Somethings up? " Liam said " Yea, you're not telling us something Niall? " Zayn said slowly standing up, " Yeah, what is it? " Louis said tilting his head. " Alright, I' love with Emily. " I said will closing my eyes. I opened my eyes to see all the boys staring at me, including Harry. He was steamed, I swear I could have seen smoke coming out of his ears, and his face was bright red. " What did you say Niall?? " Harry said through gritted teeth. " I said, I love Emily." I spoke " Alright Harry, into the hallway. " Liam said, he pushed Harry out into the hallway, and came back in, and gave me that " please be careful " look, then he shut the door, and went out into the hallway with Harry. After a few seconds we heard Harry and Liam, Liam kept telling Harry to calm down, after a couple times it worked. Liam and Harry came back inside the room, Harry walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder, then he said " Sorry Niall, for getting mad at you like that. I appreciate you coming and telling me first before you did anything. I know that I can trust you, and I'm letting you date my sister. " " Thanks Harry " I replied , I looked over to Emily and saw her smile, that made me get a big grin on my face.

(Emily's P/O/V)

I could hear everything, I heard everything from when they walk into the room. I heard everything from they where walking in, and from when Niall told everybody that he loves me. All I could do was smile, I'm pretty sure everybody saw it to. Wait, how can I hear stuff? I'm supposed to be asleep, not awake? What's going on!!??? I'm freaking out, I don't know what to do!!!! Next thing I know I couldn't hear anything. Then I woke up to see everybody's around me. That's when I knew I was perfectly fine. I started to have feelings for Niall after he told me he loves me. Wait, am I in I love wit Niall? I've never been in love!!! What's happening to me, am I going soft?

Hey sorry my chapters are short. Like I said I'm new at this. I promise I will have a new chapter out soon. And don't forget to follow, comment, and like this, if you want to. Thanks Bye!!! And think and comment down below. Who do you think should be together? Emily and Niall, or Louis and Emily?

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