Drummer Girl

Athena Wilde is a new drummer for One Direction. Everyone thinks her drumming is amazing even if she can't hear it. You heard me right; she's deaf. Athena is a deaf drummer and she hates it because she can't hear anybody. She can't hear her own laughter. When she meets Liam, everything changes.


1. First Day

I walked slowly down the hallways of my new job. 

My new job as a drummer. A drummer for a band that I've never heard of.


My name is Athena Wilde. Wilde with an 'e'. I'm 19 years young and deaf. Yup, you heard me right; I'm deaf. I cannot hear crap which makes me very sad. I've never heard the sound of my own family or my friends and I've never heard my voice.  Everyone says that my voice is beautiful. Gentle and soft and welcoming which makes me happy to hear because all I want is to hear my voice. 

I live with my mother, father and twin brothers Max and Mack. Two eight year olds that get on my nerve. I actually want to hear myself scolding at them for touching my drumsticks. My one and only drumsticks that I've had since I was five years old. 

Enough about me. 

I finally reached Simon Cowell's office and I knocked. The door opened. Standing there was a an attractive guy with a Batman shirt. He gave me a confused look and it looked like he was trying to ask me something.

I read his lips, "Are you Athena?" 

I nodded and a blush crept across my cheeks as he turned his head to tell the others in the room that I was here. He smiled and let me in. The mouths of four boys dropped. That made me blush a lot more because I looked over to Batman who was laughing. 

I waved to the four of them and they exchanged confuse looks. Simon patted my shoulder and it looked like he was explaining who I was and what I was doing here. He said:

"Boys, this is Athena Wilde, your new drummer. While Josh is gone, Athena will replace him. Now be careful with her. She is deaf, meaning she can't hear--"

"What tipped you off, Simon?" asked a boy with shaggy dark hair and light blue eyes. Batman smacked his head. I let out a giggle that I could not hear. The boys started laughing. 

"--Thank you, Liam. Anyways, I'm giving you notebooks to communicate with her. If you know sign language, then go for it. But in the mean time, you need to be careful with her. Her parents are allowing her to go on tour with us so I need to you to-"

The boys started celebrating. Batman was smiling and laughing all over the place. I laughed with them. But I went quiet after realizing, I still can't hear myself. 


We were in the studio so they could see how good I was. I pulled out my drumsticks. I went into the sound booth where the legendary Joshua Devine played his drums. 

I sat on the seat. A boy which I learned was Niall, pressed the button to say something. I signed him that I couldn't hear him. "Batman" or Liam, told him that I signed him that I couldn't hear him. A smile played on my lips when he glanced and pointed at me. 

Liam gave me the finger to wait and grabbed his notebook and scribbled something down. 

It read:

"We're going to play "Whataya Want From Me" from Adam Lambert and you just play the drum part! OK?!"

The last part scared me a little. I nodded and prepared myself. (A/N: Pay attention to the drumming part of the song)

After I was finished, their mouths hung open in shock. Louis' reaction was hilarious.

"How was that?" I signed. Liam signed back, "Awesome. How do you do that when you're deaf?" 

"I just know. I don't need to listen to the song, I need to feel the song." I replied. He smiled and his friends nodded when he explained what I said. I kissed my drumsticks and threw my arms into the air. The guys whooped and cheered. Liam just smiled at me with deep appriciation.

I got out of the booth as the boys partied on out of here. It was just me and Liam. He signed me, "The band are going to dinner tonight...wanna come? We have room for one more!" 

I giggled, "Sure. What time?"

"At 6."

"Cool. I'll be there. See ya later, Liam." I waved bye to him and followed the boys as they continued twerking to "Milkshake" by Kelis. 

I could read their lips.


Yes....yes...yes. I do not have the cover yet because my computer is being the douchebag it is. So sorry. Maybe...





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