Drummer Girl

Athena Wilde is a new drummer for One Direction. Everyone thinks her drumming is amazing even if she can't hear it. You heard me right; she's deaf. Athena is a deaf drummer and she hates it because she can't hear anybody. She can't hear her own laughter. When she meets Liam, everything changes.


2. Dinner With The Deaf Girl

I was pacing back and forth because it was 6:06. 

I don't know why I should be worrying. It was just a dinner with them. It wasn't a date with Liam...

Was it?!

No it wasn't, it was just dinner with the boys. Whatever, I didn't understand why I was freaking out. There was a knock on the door. I quickly opened it to see Liam. He was dressed nicely. "Sorry, we're late." 

"It's fine," I signed. "I don't mind." He took my hand and led me to the car that they were in.  We got in Louis started driving, Niall was stuffing his face with cheap gas station marshmallows, Harry was on his phone and Zayn was sleeping on his pillow. What was funny was that he was sleeping with a Bratz pillow. 

"What's up with his pillow?" 

"He stole it from his sister." Liam replied. It was the both of us in the back just looking around nervously, not knowing what to say to each other. "Are you two comfy back there?" asked Louis from the driver's seat. We glanced at each other and blushed. "We're fine." I read from Liam. 

I smiled at him. He was sweetly defending us as Louis parked the car. We woke Zayn up and all got out of the car. Liam helped me out. Zayn rubbed his eyes and gave his head a shake to gain clear vision as all of us started walking towards the resturant. 

"You've ever been here before?" asked Liam. 

I looked up to a blinding sign that read Nando's. I shook my head. "Well, you're up for a sweet suprise." he smiled. I smiled back and follwed them into the restaurant. Like the gentleman he was, he opened the door for me. 

"Thank you."

Liam smiled and held my hand. I felt a sudden rush of happiness ran through my body. We squished in with the others. "Uhm...two of you have to leave." said Louis, like the smart-ass he was.

All of us exchanged confused glances until eight pair of eyes looked at me and Liam. 

"Why don't you two lovebirds sit somewhere else? And don't worry, we're paying altogether." suggested Harry. My cheeks flamed as I heard Liam emit a low growl of anger. I winced a little and Liam took my hand and walk to a table behind them.

I sat on the opposite side of him. 

"Psss...Athena." hissed Zayn.

I looked behind me and he said, "Tell us when the wedding starts." I'm guessing the boys heard the because they were laughing. "Don't listen to them, Athena. We're dining as friends." Liam signed. My cheeks turned red and told him, "Totally. Just friends."


Liam was telling me this hilarious story when he was on his first tour. And of course, it involved Louis. 

"...And so when we were heading on the tour bus, all you see is Louis jumping out of the bus just wearing this riduculous-"

Liam stopped and stretched his neck. Maybe one of the boys asked him something. Maybe he was a prettier girl than me. Maybe he wanted the check so he could leave the deaf girl. 

Yeah, how nice. 

Anyways, he looked back at me and noticed me have a sad look on my face.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just feel pathetic and ridiculous."

"Why? You're not pathetic nor ridiculous. You're cool."

"To you. But I bet to the other boys, I'm just a deaf piece of slop." I told him truthfully. There was a tear rolling down my cheek. Liam leaned closer to wipe it away, "Athena, the boys don't think that. During the car ride to your flat, they were talking about how pretty you were. To be honest, I joined in the fun of talking about you. And how amazing you are. Don't let that go through your mind. Your beautiful mind."

I was blushing so hard, I accidently knocked my drink to the ground. 

Liam started laughing and I laughed to as he asked somebody to get me a refill.

A free one! 


Midnight memories....OH OH OH OH....-

eRM....I was not listening to MM as I was writing this.














Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? That's cray cray... XD 


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