The Girl Next Door

Theo James falls for the new girl Shai.
Fan fiction for Theo James and Shailene Woodley.


3. shadows in the attic

Their breaths were short as they slowly approached the foyer. Theo pulled Shai behind him, and grabbed a knife from the kitchen counter. It made a small cling noise it slid off the marble.

"Be careful," Shai whispered. Theo  wasn't sure why she cared, but then he had a horrible thought, She only cares because she wants to leave here alive so she can meet her boyfriend later, but quickly dismissed the thought. He let her hold his hand as he lead into the living room, where they herd the sound. When he reached the living room, he looked around, and didn't hear anything but re-runs of Doctor Who playing on the television. Shai looked at him, her face told him she was confused, as well.

"Do you think it was just the t.v.?" She walked past me, further into the living room, past me.

She hovered her hand over the OFF button on the Television, then clicked it off. So we could hear better, I'm guessing. I scanned the whole room, and I could hear Shai open the closet doors. "I'll check upstairs," said Shai, and started for the stairs. when I told her that it was an attic, she nodded her head and bounced up the stairs, skipping every other stair. Theo watched the way she walked, she was so carefree, and glided up the stairs. he wondered if she was a dancer. 

He got back to looking, this time he searched the bathrooms, his bedroom, peering under the bead and behind his dresser, he searched every inch of every hiding place he knew, then finally made it to his cellar. All empty. He sat on the couch in his basement, and pinched his glabella between his thumb and his first finger. He rested his elbows on his thighs and took a deep breath.

Today, out of all days, today. Are you freaking kidding me? He thought. Of course it would happen today. It never works out. Nothing ever works out the way I want.

He sat in his basement for about a minute thinking about this night, until he heard a scream.

He jolted upright and ran up the cellar stairs, tripping on the second to last stair. He stumbled up the last stair and ran through the kitchen, into the living room.

"Shai?" Theo called up the attic stairs, skipping steps. He heard a small choking noise.

"Shai!" He yelled as he reached the top stair. He looked around, and found Shai crouched in the corner on the left side of the room. She was shaking and full of sweat. She was behind a chest, but Theo could still see her at this angle. He was about to call her name, when she pointed towards the far left corner of the room. He follows her finger. He sees the shadow in the corner of the room, and he knows that it's not just a shadow. Its five. Theo wasn't sure how he could tell, but he knew there was five. There dark, piercing eyes, staring right at him. Some in the direction of Shai. Theo dropped the knife he was holding and ran to Shai. He quietly instructed her to run strait for the stairs when he distracted the shadows. He wasn't sure how he was going to, but he had to try.

He crawled out from behind the chest, and approached another dark spot. He knew they could see him, so why weren't they attacking. He thought briefly that they weren't real, that they couldn't hurt them, until one turned their head and pointed at him. The froze, taking in the shadows hand, or what used to be a hand, as two of the shadows slowly hovered over to him.

They stopped two feet in front of him, just long enough to pull down their hoods, and reveal two dark skulls, he could feel their eyes staring right into his soul.


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