The Girl Next Door

Theo James falls for the new girl Shai.
Fan fiction for Theo James and Shailene Woodley.


2. Like at first sight

She stares at Theo for a while.

The oven beeps and I run over, grabbing the steaks.

"I'm sorry for making this awkward-"

"No, no it's not awkward, it's actually kind of... Sweet." She gets up  ignoring the steak he just set down in front of her. Is she leaving?

She walks around the table near him. 

Theo was about to ask her if she was alright until she leaned in and kissed him.

His mouth falls open. Theo's heart pounds so hard he thought it might fall out of his chest.

"What?" she asks, smiling.

"Nothing," Nothing much, you just kissed me, and that's not a big deal.

"why are you staring at me?" she giggled. God, her teeth are so white...

Theo didn't know what to say. Does she like me? 

"It's just that... Well you... You like me?"

Shai laughed. This confused Theo. " Of course not."

Theo's heart sank. He was more angry than sad. This was all too complicated.

 "Then why did you kiss me?!"

"No, Theo, I like you, but I only like you as a friend. I mean, you're nice, but I have a boyfriend."

Theo thought about this. He didn't understand this. At all. Who kisses someone when they have a boyfriend? Theo thought. "Why did you kiss me?" Theo was more calm this time, but he was still angry.

"Ugh," Shai sighed, "your making this complicated. It was a friendly kiss. It wasn't meant to be flirty."

Theo nods. He stares at the plate of food in front of him, it was getting cold. He agreed with Shai, nodding. he did make this complicated. He over reacted.

Shai sat back down. Now, she couldn't quite meet his eyes. Theo exhaled.

"I'm sorry for overreacting."

"Quite alright. Though it's mostly my fault. I'm  the one that kissed you." Shai laughs.

They sat there for a few minutes in silence. Suddenly there was a huge CRASH in the basement. Theo jumped up and Shai shrieked. "What the freak was that?"

"I don't know, I'll check," Theo said, his voice shaky. He grabbed the oven stick and headed for the cellar door. "Stay here."

Shai nodded and grabbed a knife for herself. "I'm sure it was nothing."

Theo crept down the stairs leading into the basement. When he reached the bottom step, he stretched out for the light switch. The lights flickered on.

He called out, "Who's there?" he didn't really expect an answer, he watched too many scary movies to expect one back.- It's not like the guys going to yell back, "Hang on, let me steal your TV, then you can call the police."-

But it was a natural feeling, too call out. He held the stick out in front of him, like a sword. Pots and pans lay on the basement floor, scattered everywhere.

He slowly searched the whole basement, careful to watch everything that slightly moved out of the corner of his eye. When he saw that there was nothing down in the basement, he ran back up the stairs into the kitchen. He saw that shai was ducked under the table, holding the knife close to her chest. She jumped when Theo slammed the cellar door.

"Nothing down there. I think you were right about it being nothing." Theo set the stick back over by the oven.

"Do you have pets?" she asked.

"No, maybe it could just be that it's an old house."

Shai nodded, and maybe she would believe it, if there wasn't another crash in the living room.



* sorry this one was short.*

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