Little White Lies [Niall Horan]

Tricia Jackson is your average twenty year old girl who is attending uni to pursue a career in teaching. While there, she is also working at a bookstore to get a little extra money to help pay for necessities like clothes and books while alternating nights with her mother to take care of her younger sister while her mom works her butt off to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table while making sure that Tricia's younger sister had a good childhood. You may be wondering what about their dad right? He left them when Tricia was sixteen years old and her sister wasn't even born yet, leaving them both without their father figure. That kind of thing is bound to leave a mark right? It does and Tricia finds herself being skeptical of any relationship that's more than friends, causing her to tell little white lies in order to get out of it, until they stop asking her out. She's not mean enough to tell them straight up. But will a certain blue-eyed Irish boy change the lies to truth?


2. 01. Meeting Niall

"What about this one Tris?" My mother asked as she held up a gorgeous emerald green knee-length dress for me to try on.

"It's gorgeous." I say as I touched the cool, soft material of the dress and smiling.

"It'll go great with your eyes as well. Now go try it on." My mother said as I grabbed the dress from her and headed towards the fitting rooms in the back of the small London shop, quickly changing into the dress, the material gliding over my soft pale skin and coming to a stop just above my knees in a flattering flowing style. Glancing in the mirror, I took in the dress and how it looked on me. It was tight from my chest to my waist where it took on a slightly looser fashion, bringing out my long blonde hair that was currently residing in a side fishtail braid and making my green eyes look darker. It was really flattering to my semi-petite figure.

Stepping out of the dressing room, I waved over my mother to see how it looked and upon seeing the dress on me, she squealed like a teenage girl and as soon as I took it off, she took it from my hands, walking briskly to the counter to purchase it while sporting a wide smile, causing one to spread across my face as well.

Heading towards the register where my mom was waiting in line, I decided to wait for her outside as it was a nice sunny day, but before I could touch the glass door to the shop, it flew open, nearly hitting me if the face if I hadn't moved away that fast and I watched as five boys came rushing in with several security guards trailing behind them, swiftly shutting the door before a horde of screaming girls could get inside.

"Tris why is there a horde of teenage girls screaming outside my shop?" The shop owner, Mrs. Taylor, asked as she came around the corner to see who was causing the ruckus. Upon seeing the boys, her eyes widened and a look of understanding crossed her features as she quickly got the keys and tossed them to me.

"Lock the doors will you? I'm sure they are tired of holding them closed." She said simply as I snatched the keys from the air and turned around the security guards stepping back enough to where they could still hold the door while allowing me enough room to lock it.

Stepping back the security guards thanked me and I nodded, turning to look at the five boys who were breathing heavily.

"Uhm..... okay?" I said, confused as I stared at the boys who all had a thinly veiled look of shock on their faces.

"Do you not recognize us?" One of the boys said. He had a brown fringe and blue gray eyes, his features pixie like but masculine at the same time. I didn't have time to say anything more as I heard a high pitched voice call my name before running straight into me, wrapping their arms around my legs.

"Sissy, why are there girls outside screeching like monkeys?" My little sister, Kayla, asked causing the five boys to bust out laughing.

"They're excited." I reply, biting my lip to keep from laughing too hard.

"Well their excitement is turning them into monkeys." She said seriously, putting her small hands on her hips. This time though, I couldn't help but to bust out laughing at her utter seriousness in saying the girls were monkeys.

"Where's Mom Kayla?" I asked Kayla but her attention was on the five boys in front of us.

"Sissy! They are One Direction." Kayla whispers as I take another look at the boys and recognizing them now that I knew who they were.

"Oh! That's why you guys asked if I recognized you and that explains the girls." I say, putting them together.

"Duh." Kayla says sassily, sticking her small tongue out at me once she catches me rolling my eyes.

"Well then Miss Sassypants." I say and she giggles, telling me that she was going to go tell mom and taking off before I could say anything else.

"So you are the infamous One Direction that my sister is so desperately in love with." I say as I turn my attention back to the boys, finding the blonde one staring at me and quickly looked away while blushing when I caught him. I giggled and smiled at him as he rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

"Well on that note, let us introduce ourselves. I'm Louis, this is Harry, Zayn, Liam and the one over there with a crush is Niall." The one who originally spoke-Louis- said and I nodded, smiling at the boys and waving.

"I'm Tricia, but you can call me Tris." I say, smiling.

"Tris!" My mom called to me from the back doors.

"Yeah mom?" I called back.

"I'm going to take Kayla back home. I'll see you in a week or so! Love you and good luck on exams!" She said as she hurried Kayla out the back door.

"Well, that's my signal to go. I have exams to study for and a job to get to." I said, walking towards the back and grabbing the dress off the counter.

'Okay, well it was nice meeting you." Niall said as I smiled and said 'you too' and headed out the back door and driving back to uni and flopping myself on the couch in my dorm. I didn't share it with anyone because Kayla stayed with me a lot. As I watched this weeks episode of Pretty Little Liars I couldn't help but think about Niall and his adorable blush and his blue eyes. Too bad I wouldn't ever see him again. Not that it would work out even if I did, I was notorious for telling little white lies to evade relationships after all.


Sup guys! This is chapter one! It'll get more interesting later! Who think Ezra is CREEPY now that you know who he is! O.O Jeez! Anyway, hope y'all have a great day/night! xx

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