Run Before They Catch You

4 Weeks ago, there was a huge storm, wrecking the city; crashing buildings, houses, stores, power lines, cars, people. It was a mess. But there've been signs and warnings saying that prisoners have grown super strong, and murderous, as well as thee people in our city, and most of our country. I'm Hayden Jayne, and I'm one of the few survivors out there. And surviving, is not a day in the park.


1. How It Began


       "Warning, this is not a test. We have signs that a large storm will hit. Strong winds and showers will arrive within an hour. Please gather the supplies you need, and take shelter immediately. Repeat, this is not a test." the T.V. screamed.

I called my mom, and it went straight to voicemail.

"Hey mom, just wanted to tell you that there's going to be a big storm. I'm going to start gathering supplies and take Lily to the shelter. So we'll be there if you need us. Not sure if you're allowed on the roads or not. Love you, stay safe." I said into my phone.

"Hayden! Hayden! The television!" Lily said, running down the stairs.

"It's okay. Go grab some bags and suit cases out of my closet okay?"

            She ran upstairs into my room and grabbed what I told her to grab and I started gathering food while she grabbed some clothes and blankets for herself. I put most of the food and water we had into the suitcase and then packed warm clothes, blankets, battery-powered lights, games, and more. I was all prepared. I went upstairs into Lily's room and her playing with the doll my dad got her, before he passed away from cancer. She was whispering prayers on it, praying that everything will be okay, and that us and our mom would be safe as well. When she was done, I saw a single tear fall from her cheek. I slowly walked in and sat beside her.

"Hay, do you think we'll all be okay? Do you think daddy will protect us?"

"I don't know Lil."

"But I'm scared."

"We'll all be fine. C'mon," I said, getting up and grabbing my stuff.

           She grabbed her bags along with her stuffed animals and other things as well. We walked back downstairs and into the safe basement. There were plenty of games along with an air hockey table and more. We were all set up. We'd have fun, and be safe. I set my stuff on the couch and ran up to start gathering our animals and some toys and food for them. I made sure everything was in order and then heard a crash of thunder. I quickly shut and locked the door and ran down the stairs, feeling the whole house shake. I ran over to the couch and sat down. I kept some flashlights nearby just incase I needed to use them. This... Is going to be a long, terrifying, night.


Okay guys so this is my new movella!:) Hope you guys like it! It was actually inspired by an amazing book called Dark Inside by Jeyn Robertson. Its an amazing book guys, it really is:) Well yeah, hope you enjoy^.^




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