Run Before They Catch You

4 Weeks ago, there was a huge storm, wrecking the city; crashing buildings, houses, stores, power lines, cars, people. It was a mess. But there've been signs and warnings saying that prisoners have grown super strong, and murderous, as well as thee people in our city, and most of our country. I'm Hayden Jayne, and I'm one of the few survivors out there. And surviving, is not a day in the park.


2. Are We Safe? Ha, No.



          I held Lily in my arms, feeling her shake and listening to her breath while she slept. I began to get hungry. I gently moved out from under Lily's grasp and I went over and grabbed some canned ravioli. I opened it and grabbed a plastic fork, eating them out of the can. Lily began to stir in her sleep, indicating that she was going to wake up. She opened her eyes and panicked when she couldn't find me at first.

"Is it over?" She said softly.

"Not sure yet, but I haven't heard any thunder in awhile," I said calmly.

"Good," She said, "I hope everyone's okay."

''Me too Lil."

Our house phone rang; guess the power's back on.


"Hello Jayne's family, we would like to inform you that the storm is over, but there is some trouble in town. Violence has broke out everywhere. Please grab a weapon and either stay in your house or evacuate. It is fully up to you. Stay safe, and calm. We're trying to figure out a way to stop this. Thank you."

 I stayed still for awhile. I ran into our "Weapon Closet" and grabbed a small, but very powerful gun for Lily.
"What's this for?"

"Something's going on Lil. I got to teach you how to shoot," I said, setting up dummies.

She stared at the gun and gave it a worried look.

"Okay. First, stand here and put your one hand here, and hold your wrist with the other hand," I said, arranging her hands. "Then, pull this back, and then pull the trigger."

Lilly focused on the dummies head and shot the gun, bullet missing the dummy by an inch.

"Man! I missed!"

"No Lil that was awesome!" I said, smiling.

We heard a huge crash through the upstairs window, what seemed to be the living room window. Lily jumped and loaded her gun while I grabbed my own gun that was much bigger than hers. I took Lily by the hand and hid under the stairs, after turning off most of the lights. We heard someone or something punch the door, trying to get it open. Lily started crying. Someone slowly walked down the stairs and was looking for us. He held a bloody screw driver, and had a gash in his shoulder and leg. He made some weird moaning noise, but it kind of sounded like a screech.

"Little girls, I know you're here," he said evilly, "I just want to play with you."

From the corner of my eye I saw Lily aim her gun at the man. I held her arm, telling her to wait for my signal. I began to shake.
"You don't want to make me mad little girls," he said, "Or else I'll have to use my lucky screw driver on you, and I may ruin your pretty little outfits."

He walked into the weapon closet and laughed slowly.

"Oh so you were expecting me, eh?"

I nudged Lily and she aimed while I got ready in case she missed. In one swift moment, she shot him right through the head and then I shot him in the heart. He fell to the ground and I shot his head once more, to make sure he was dead. I turned on the lights and told Lily to stay put. I checked the man. He definitely wasn't a normal human. I quickly ran up the stairs and boarded the door shut. I heard Lily scream, and ran down, seeing that he was trying to attack her with the screw driver. I shot him five times before he finally died. I held Lily in my arms.

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