When Charlie's last living relative dies, she is all alone and has no idea how to look after herself. A gang breaks into her house on one dark night and Charlie meets him the mysterious boy and he takes her away...


2. Chapter 2

I was running really low on money so I had the chance of heating up some tomato soup on the stove or to go hungry for the night. Don't get me wrong I had the latest technology and a nice furnished house but being only 17, I was still clueless on how to look after myself. While sipping on my scorching hot soup, blowing on it numerous amount of times but feeling like it weren't getting any cooler, I heard a bang from the outside. 


I thought to ignore it thinking it would only be the neighbours and decided to continue watching The Blind Side on the 50" plasma tv. Then I heard the noise again, that same bang but only closer sounded like-a gun shot. That's when sweat started to pour from the skin, I'm freaking out now...I haven't got a clue what to do. Within an instant I heard glass shatter, I knew straight away it was my window...


My heart beat became more rapid, someone wanted my only possessions. Then I could hear another voice, and another, and another. I could hear up to 5 clear voices. I. Was. Dead. "Little bitch, where are you?" I could hear a deep voice which also had a nice tone to it. I gulped and hid behind the curtains. "Dude do you really think she is stupid, when has the victim in a situation ever said "yeah bro I'm over here" I heard a different voice this time. I had to cringe at that though, it was pretty funny.


"Come on darling we don't want to alarm you, we just want to make sure you're okay, so be a good girl now and come out, we won't harm you" one of the other boys or even men said. I took a deep breath, exhaled heavily and revealed myself, only to look up at 5 boys maybe a year older than me, and let me tell you they all look hot! But I pulled my head back down looking at the ground as I was only as brave as to look for a split second. 


I heard footsteps coming my way to be approached by one of the boys. He took out his index finger and lifted up by face by my chin, only to be faced with those oh so familiar chocolate caramel eyes.


"How are you shawty?" A smirk plastered on his face.


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