When Charlie's last living relative dies, she is all alone and has no idea how to look after herself. A gang breaks into her house on one dark night and Charlie meets him the mysterious boy and he takes her away...


1. Chapter 1

I sat there, staring at the black coffin with flowers on top of it looking over at the man who was apparently my father. No, he did not look like my father anymore, that is another man, and I am another girl. I have never been the same since the first death in the family which was my grandma. It sucked all of the life out of me. After that everyone else followed, my mom passed about 6 months ago from a heart attack, and now my dad died from a stroke, but I know it wasn't that, he died from a broken heart.


Tugging on my black dress that I'm constantly wearing, I might as well sleep in it! I realised I haven't got no one, being an only child I haven't even got a brother or sister to keep company. I have got some house to myself that looked like it belonged in the ghettos and a beat up Chevvy that doesn't even run on gas... I have nothing. I am nothing.


After the service ended everyone once again apologised and told them how great of a man my father was, like I haven't heard all of the stories before. I decided to leave the graveyard before I could shed another tear, I started to make my way home, the 20 minute walk took longer than I thought, with my IPod on shuffle I sang dragging my feet down the street moping about how much I hate myself and my life until I stopped singing as I  noticed a black Range Rover with a boy around my age staring at me with these beautiful chocolate caramel eyes, studying my features showing no emotion on his face...I quickly opened the door and closed it before something else happened. I am officially scared.

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