My Five Ex's

(The picture originally had all of the boys in it, but the editor on here wouldn't let me fit them all on!!) There are 29 towns left in all of America, none of them have a population over 600 people. About a year ago Korea had bombed America, except it wasn't what we thought it would be. The things that they sent down on us weren't bombs. They were far worse, they mutated people, they changed them, and made them more aggressive. I am Camerin James, I live in one of the small towns located in Canada. Weird things seem to be happening more, and more often, but I can't shake the feeling that I might need some help in the near future. There is a twist.. the only people that can help me are my five Ex's... and they all want me dead. They hold the key to my survival, and know a secret that could cost everyone in the town their lives..


3. Truth Unravels

I took the track early in the morning, I didn't want to waste any time. I could lie to myself all I wanted, but I still wanted Harry, I needed him. He was always there for me, I thought things were going to work out with him for the best.

I wanna know what happened I needed to know, or I was going lose my mind.

I pulled up on the North end of town, I definitely was not welcome here, but I needed the truth.

I didn't need a gun, I didn't need anything. I walked into the house that all the boys lived in.

They were in charge of the North side, they ran everything, and everyone feared them.

I was expecting guns to be shoved into my face the moment that I walked into the house but there was nothing.

Liam was passed out on the couch in the living room still holding a beer can.

"You know that's a bad habit" I said sitting on the end of the couch.

He woke up startled, and reached for the gun that was under neath his pillow, but I ha already taken it.

"I am not here to start anything Liam, well that is if you tell me the truth.." I said. I gave him some time to think about it.

"What do you wanna know cupcake" Liam asked sitting up and cracking open another beer.

"Why did Harry break up with me.." I asked him. I looked him dead in the eyes, if he lied to me I would know.

I could tell he wanted to lie to me, his mind turning like little wheels trying to think of a lie that I would believe, but nothing came to his mind.

He sighed, and was finally going to tell me the truth, and for his own good he would tell me the truth.

"He never told me why" he said. He dropped his beer an grabbed his head, "ahh stop stop please" he shouted.

"Keep it down or I will finish that job" I whispered.

"Now tell me the truth Liam" I continued

He was just staring at me, and that is when I could sense someone else in the room.

"Why don't you just tell her the truth Liam" Zayn said standing behind me.

I didn't know what he was doing, but I was starting to feel restricted, and I didn't like it.

Liam just looked at Zayn like he wanted to knock him out right then and there.

"He loved you Cam" Zayn started, and then paused. He gave a little chuckle and then continued, "I guess we all loved you at one point right? The girl with the amazing eyes, the girl that every guy in school wanted.. We all thought that we were lucky to have you.. How stupid we were.. If I am not mistaken you dated Liam before you started dating Harry?" Zayn said.

I nodded, I wanted him to continue.

"Liam still loved you, he was stupid.. About six months into yours and Harry's relationship Liam had an idea, and I thought I'd help with it. We made sure that Harry over heard one of our conversations" Zayn said, and then stopped again.

His pauses where starting to kill me, I needed the truth. "We said that you were planning on leaving Harry for Liam, and that you had spent the previous night with him" Zayn said. He was going to continue but I stopped him.

"He thinks I was going to leave him, and that I cheated on him...?" I asked.

"What?" I turned around to see Harry standing in the front doorway.

"I used to love you Cam.. Then I realized who you really were.... You used all of us" Liam said.

Harry was walking over to Liam now, and then I heard a thump. Liam was knocked out cold laying face down in the couch. I quickly pulled him over so he wouldn't be smothered in the couch.

"Harry stop" I yelled. Harry continued to punch Liam. "Zayn help me if I do anything I'll hurt one of them" I said.

Zayn may hate me, but he cared about his friends, he pulled Harry off of Liam, and dragged him onto the floor.

"I loved her, and you wrecked it.. You made me think she was a slut, and a liar.. " Harry said. He want crying, but his face was bright red.

"Harry" I said in a desperate attempt to get his attention, by now the rest of the boys were down stairs to.

"What the hell is she doing here?" Louis asked holding a gun towards me.

I didn't even think about it, the gun flipped around and was pointing right back at Louis in mid air.

"I am not here to fight" I said.

"What did you do to Liam?!" Louis continued.

"Harry did that" Zayn said.

" I have to go" I said, and like that the gun dropped to the floor, and I ran out the front door.

I could hear gunshots fire after me in the truck, but I was to far now.

I was crying, I never thought that I would have to go back to that place ever again. I could feel my heart racing, and I needed to calm down.

I pulled up to the shop, and changed. I put on a pair of old shorts, and a bikini top. I ran out the door of the shop, and grabbed some beer from the supplies shed. I grabbed a couple sandwiches and left. I walked behind the old barn that was destroyed from the fire that happened here.

There was an old beaten down trail in the grass that led to the wall. What a lot of people didn't know what there is a hole In the wall, it wasn't big, and anybody bigger than me couldn't fit through it. It was a risk to some of our safety, but it was Brno g I couldn't handle. I moved the old tired that I placed over it.

I walked ten minutes into the woods, and there it was. It was a creek, but the water was clear as day. You could see right to the bottom in the middle of it. Nobody except for Caleb knew where this was. He only came to bother me here when it was an absolute emergency.

I could barely see the edge if the water, the morning sunrise glistening of the reflections in the water.

I raced for the water, for some reason it relaxed me. It was myasthenia sense of freedom, and I loved it. I was not going to give this place up for the world.

I was planning on spending the rest of the day out here. My dad had built me a dock to place out here, Caleb helped me build it back outside the dense after it got destroyed.

I left the beer, and sandwiches on the dock, and jumped into the water. It was cold, but it made me wake up, and feel alive. It calmed me down, and I just laid there floating. My hair in every which direction, and my body numb. I relaxed, and closed my eyes, but it wouldn't be long until my mind took over.

I started to think of the day everything happened, I was with Harry.

(The day of the Attack)

"Babe just stay the night with me" I said in a pouty voice.

He was already off the bed, and putting on his jacket. "If I am late one more time my parents are going to kill me" he said. He didn't look that happy about leaving either.

"Well what time are you suppose to be home?" I asked smirking, I already knew the answer.

"11:00" he said smiling.

"It's 1:00 in the morning" I don't think they will care to much now.

He gave a laugh, and then room his jacket off. He threw it on the floor, and leaned over top of me kissing my nose. I grabbed onto his shirt, and pulled him back on the bed.

"So your going to stay the night? I asked kissing him.

He nodded while we kissed, and I let out a little giggle.

"Plus I don't like staying here alone while my parents are out of town" I said.

Then we both heard this loud beep. I didn't know where it was coming from, but I covered my ears, it made me almost go dizzy.

We both ran out of the room, and the living room TV was still on. The screen was green, and then an emergency broadcast came on.

It was basically telling us that Korea was preparing for a bomb attack. That was the most information that we got.

My little brother came running out of his room. He was severely autistic, and the noise must of woken him up.

Even though I had known him all my life, I loved him so much; he didn't run to me, he ran to Harry. He seemed to like Harry a lot. He clung to him, and Hardy treated him like he would treat family. Harry was so good with him.

We kept on watching the broadcast hoping for more information.

Then I felt a tug on the side of my shirt, it was my little brother Fred. " What is wrong bud?" I asked getting to his eye level.

"Don't let the monsters get me" he said almost in tears.

"There are no monsters" I said patting him gently on his back.

He wasn't looking at me anymore, he was starting at the window, and then I saw it.

The first Mut I had ever laid my eyes on. It was ugly, and it's big green eyes were shining in the dark night.

"Harry what was that?" I asked. I was starting to get scared, and than Harry picked Fred up, and grabbed me by the hand, and started to take me to the basement.

He set Fred down as soon as we got to the bottom of the stairs, and turned to me.

"Does you dad keep any guns down here?" Harry asked. I nodded, and pointed to the back room.

In the back was a double barrel shot gun that Harry was now holding.

"Harry I don't know what that thing was, but it wasn't human" I said.

"I am going to go check it out okay?" Harry said looking me dead in the eyes. He was holding my face in place with one hand.

"No Harry" was all I could say. He gave me a kiss, and then started to walk up the stairs closing the door behind him.

We had been waiting down here for ten minutes, and Harry still hadn't came back. I was starting to get worried.

"Fred go hide in the back room, and close the door. If I don't come back, I want you to find a phone, and call the police" I said.

I wasn't sure if he even knew what was happening, he lived most of the time in his own little world. I had taught him before how to use a phone, and I was hoping that he would still remember.

I grabbed an ax that we had downstairs. We used it for our wood fire place down in the basement. It was pretty heavy, but I dealt with it. I got tithe top of the stairs and took a deep breath. I opened it, and I couldn't see anything. I could hear heavy breathing, but it was coming from the living room.

Then I heard a loud thump, and then something hard fall to the ground. I ran into the living room, and there was Harry laying on the ground. The thing that I had saw outside was on top of him trying to strangle him.

The gun that Harry had was laying on the ground. I took a look at the thing, and froze with fear. It had grown an extra arm on it's back, and it was huge. I had never seen a human that big.

I snapped back, and started to run towards Harry, and the Mut. I swung that ax into the back, but it didn't fall. It turned around, and started to run towards me, the ax still in it's back.

It was only a few feet away from me when it dropped to the ground, and blood spattered all over me. My face covered in it, and my clothes stuck to my skin with the soaking wet blood.

I just stood there, and Harry ran up to me. He hugged me tightly, but I was to scared to move.

"Where is Fred?" Harry asked stepping away from me.

The though of Fred made me able to move, I started to run back down to re basement. When I got to the bottom, there was one of the Muts down stairs, it was walking up to the door of the room Fred was in.

I didn't stop, "HEY!" I yelled loudly trying to get its attention. This one looked different, it had no extra limbs, but it's eyes were the same as the others was.

Then the shot gun fired, and it dropped to the ground, Fred came running out of the room.

He hugged me tightly, and then Harry picked him back up, and carried him up stairs.

"Does your dad have anymore guns or ammo?" Harry asked setting Fred down.

"Yes in the shop" I said.

"We need to get it" Harry said walking towards the back door that led to the shop.

"Harry let me go, no offence but I am faster than you" I said holding him back.

He knew I was right, but he wasn't going to let me go. Before He could reply to me I took off through the back door. He was behind me running out the door, and I was racing across the lawn. I was 10 feet away from the shop door when I fell to the ground. I could tell there was something holding me down. I couldn't see anything but there big green eyes looking down from on top of me. I tried to push it off, but it was to strong. It but my shoulder. It was the worst pain I could imagine. His teeth sinking deep down into my skin, and the blood starting to pour out between the gaps.

I screamed and thrashed out in pain, I knocked the thing off of me, and the. I heard a loud bang. The sound of the gun was starting to not affect me anymore, but this was a different shot.

I couldn't berth I was going I to shock, nothing seemed real. I felt like I was drowning on the inside. I woke up an I was underneath the water on the creek. I took a breath in only inhaling the dingy creek water.

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