My Five Ex's

(The picture originally had all of the boys in it, but the editor on here wouldn't let me fit them all on!!) There are 29 towns left in all of America, none of them have a population over 600 people. About a year ago Korea had bombed America, except it wasn't what we thought it would be. The things that they sent down on us weren't bombs. They were far worse, they mutated people, they changed them, and made them more aggressive. I am Camerin James, I live in one of the small towns located in Canada. Weird things seem to be happening more, and more often, but I can't shake the feeling that I might need some help in the near future. There is a twist.. the only people that can help me are my five Ex's... and they all want me dead. They hold the key to my survival, and know a secret that could cost everyone in the town their lives..


1. Explanation

My town had been split down the middle. The South side, and the North side of town hated each other.  It was a town that had a population of 400 people, the South side only carried about 123 people, and the North side held the rest of the people. I lived on a farm that was five minutes South of town. I shared it with 23 other kids, most of them younger, and orphans. They had nowhere to go the day of the attack.

About a year ago Korea had bombed all of North America. We originally thought that it was bombs, and then nuclear explosives. We soon realized that it was something far worse than either of those. It was a chemical that in a way mutated people. They would grown extra limbs, but only in some cases. It didn't take weeks, or Months to change these people, it happened in the blink of an eye. Someone that you could have known for all of your life would be trying to kill you in seconds. The chemical raised the adrenaline level in people. It did something to them that to this day we still cannot explain. We called them, "Muts" for short. Muts were a lot faster, and stronger than normal people. They didn't have super human speed, but if you were being chased by one, you might as well kiss your ass goodbye. They were normally easy to distinguish, or point out, but some of them had little to no mutation. The only thing that would set them apart was their green eyes. It was a bright green, you could spot them from a million miles away. I had gotten close enough to see them once, and I never want to again. They were still people, but they didn't have memories, or any recollection of their life. It was almost like they were an empty shell, and someone filled that shell with a natural born killer. They lived for the thrill of the hunt, and kill. It almost seemed like with every kill they got, the more aggressive they got.

At first I thought that they were a zombie type thing, but it was clear they weren't. They weren't slow, and they didn't feed off of what they killed. They didn't kill to eat, they just simply did it for the thrill. They were smart to. They didn't speak, but they knew how to hunt, and they know how to use guns. They are smart about their kill, they can use almost anything to set traps up for people. They set snares, and they are damn good at it.

We sent out for help from other countries, but they didn't come to the rescue. They said that it would be to much of a risk for their own country. They thought that you could become a Mut, but infection, but they were wrong. I had been bitten by one of them the day of the attack. I wasn't infected, I stayed the same. You either got infected the first day of the attack, or you stayed the same. There was no changing after that. Scientist couldn't explain why, but that is just how it was.

The government saved 29 towns all over North America. I lived in one of them, why they chose to save my town, I could not tell you. We were town 3. The lower the number, the more expandable your town was. The higher up the more important you were to the military, and government. Town 29 was where the President was stationed, they also had important head figures there as well.

Town 13 was the Medical Station. It was one of the largest. They treated patient for injuries there, and they also did the research on the Muts there. If you killed one of the Muts, or found one, you were to call it in to town 13. They would fly over, and get them. They took them away, and that was the end of that. Now a days you found out it was a lot better to keep your mouth shut., and leave it at that.


(Book Starts Here)

I started to walk down the dirt road that lead me into town. It was about a 15 minute walk, but I liked it. I liked to keep to myself, and let my thoughts consume me. The kids at the farm needed more supplies, we were running low on food, and medical supplies.

The town was actually split directly down the middle by the old train track. It hadn't been used since the attack. It was a big boarder, and a lot of people had been killed over it. It was sick, we were turning against each other, when we really should be helping, and depending on each other.

The North side hated me which is why I chose to live as far as I could from it. I lived far South on a farm that was right next to the wall that held us all in here like rats. Only three things were centered in town, The Hall, the Store, and the Hospital. Other than that the two sides stayed far away from each other, and pretended that they didn't exist.

I did have a secret that only this town knows. If the government knew they would ship me away, and dissect me in town 13. I was normal, my eyes were blue, not green, but I had been developing things. Things that normal people shouldn't be able to do. I proved it at the incident that happened six months ago.

I could move things with my mind. I could lift things up, and it got far worse than just that. I could make people explode. I could pop them like a balloon from the inside out. It could do more than that, but it scared me. I scared myself doing some of the things I could do. I was more powerful than I need to be. Most of the people from the North side stayed way from me for that reason, but a lot of them wanted me dead. They thought I was to powerful, and a risk to the town. If the government found out they would take out the entire town.

I wasn't scared to walk through the North side of town, I could take care of myself, I was worried about what they would do to the other people.

I was almost to the center of town when I could feel something wasn't right. I could sense things that I shouldn't be able to. I could see things miles away like they were right in front of me, I could hear the littlest noises. I heard the click of a trigger, and then a loud bang. I didn't have to really do anything to use my powers, it didn't hurt, or feel funny. I just thought what I wanted to happen, and it did. The bullet stopped, it was a bad shot, and it would of missed me anyways.

"Nice try Zayn" I laughed. I could hear another shot of the gun, and another bullet stopped in mid air. It was a lot closer to me than the other was, but still off a bit.

I smirked, I felt superior to them. They were laying on the North side of the train tracks in the ditch. Only three of them, I knew every one of them.

At one point in time, I was dating Zayn. Actually at one point in time I had dated all five of the guys. Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Harry. I had dated them all. Harry was my most recent ex, but I couldn't see him there.

"Is that any way to treat a lady?" I yelled over to them.

"You aren't a lady, you're a freak, a Mut" Liam yelled back at me.

I could tell they were trying to load the shot gun for another shot. I pictured it in my head, their guns flying through the air, and landing in the garbage behind me. I opened my eyes, and sure enough the guns were flying towards me, and landed in the garbage can knocking it over.

I wanted to be face to face with them. I started to walk over in their direction, and they held their ground. They knew I wouldn't hurt them, I don't kill, unless you are a Mut.

"What is your problem?" I asked in a pissed off voice.

"You" Liam said standing up, and getting in my face.

"I suggest that Zayn drops that knife before I do have to hurt one of you" I said.

"You're going to kill us all" Zayn said standing up now.

I didn't have time to reply, he cut me off.

"You are going to bring the entire military down on us, they will bomb the entire town, and it will be all your fault you Mut" Zayn said walking over to me.

"Don't let the government find out, and you will be fine" I said. He knew I was right.

"Why don't you just leave town! Don't come back!" Louis yelled.

I am not going to lie, I didn't have the best break ups with any of them. All of our relationships ended with a fight. I knew that was what really caused their hatred for me.

"Do we need to get Jake to persuade you?" Liam said.

"Touch Jake, and I will kill you" I said. I didn't hesitate. Jake was my little brother, he was severely autistic, he was only 12 years old.

"Oh what do you know I still can get you right up, and angry" Liam said.

"Maybe if you could get "Something" up when we were dating, I would of dumped you on your ass" I said back. He looked down embarrassed.

I just smirked, and I heard Zayn let out a little giggle.

"Why are you laughing Zayn, even if you could get it up, nobody would be able to tell" I laughed.

I stopped right then, and there, I didn't need to provoke them anymore than I already was.

"Cam what are you doing here?" A voice from behind me asked.

It was Caleb, he was one of the older guys that lived on the farm with me. He was hanging out the side of the truck window when he asked me the question.

"Nothing, I was just leaving" I said, and then I hopped in the bucket of the truck, and we took off. I watched the boys get smaller, and smaller the farther that I drove away.

They went to the garbage cans to get the guns out, but I was to far for them to shoot. And honestly none of them really had a good shot anyways.




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