My Five Ex's

(The picture originally had all of the boys in it, but the editor on here wouldn't let me fit them all on!!) There are 29 towns left in all of America, none of them have a population over 600 people. About a year ago Korea had bombed America, except it wasn't what we thought it would be. The things that they sent down on us weren't bombs. They were far worse, they mutated people, they changed them, and made them more aggressive. I am Camerin James, I live in one of the small towns located in Canada. Weird things seem to be happening more, and more often, but I can't shake the feeling that I might need some help in the near future. There is a twist.. the only people that can help me are my five Ex's... and they all want me dead. They hold the key to my survival, and know a secret that could cost everyone in the town their lives..


5. Change

"I don't think they saw me" I said.

"You mean there was more of them?" Niall asked still trying to catch his breath.

I only nodded, I wasn't out of breath, I just needed time to think.

" Cam I know you love Harry.. I am sorry I did that back on the dock" Niall said. He was looking guilty, but it was my fault.

"I don't know if Harry is what I need right now.." I said. I heard screams coming from the house. I looked at Niall, and we both took off towards the house.

"Niall, Fred is in there.." I said. I almost couldn't move, the thought of those things touching Fred was to much.

I burst in the front door, and walked into the kitchen. The screams grew louder the closer I got to the hallway with all the bedrooms.

Then Niall was taken out behind me. I watched him get rammed into the wall, and the dropped to the floor unconscious.

I Didn't even give it a second thought the Muts head exploded all over the walls, and the body dropped lifeless on the ground.

I looked down the hallway, and there was another one trying to get into one if the younger kids rooms.

"Hey!" I screamed trying to get it's attention. I got it, this one didn't wait. As soon as it heard me it turned, and was charging for me. I lifted it up, but it was heavy. I threw it against the roof, and it was out cold.

"It's safe, come out" I yelled down the hallway. Seconds after Caleb came running into the house.

"Caleb check on Niall " I pointed back to where his body was laying. I knew Niall would be okay , but I wasn't sure about all the kids.

I turned down the hallway, and one of the room doors was wide open. Nobody went into the room, and nobody came out of it. I slowly walked down the hallway to the door, it was the last on the right.

"I tried to save-" a 13 year old boy said, his name was Jimmy. He was tiny, but I knew he was brave, he would lose the fight, but he tried.

I noticed the blood on the back of his head.

"Jimmy go get in the car, I will drive you to the hospital" I said clear as day.

I knew what was waiting for me in that room, but I needed to see it to believe it.

In the middle of the room laying face up on the floor was one of the youngest kids in the house. He was 4 years old, his parents were killed the day of the attack. We were good friends with his family. Blood was on almost every corner of the room, the little boy was dead.

I dropped to my knees, I tried to stand again but I couldn't. I felt my heart beating fast, and then it slowed down in a second. I thought it had stopped. The pain in my chest was spreading all over my body, and then I let out a scream.

"Cam? Cam where are you?? Are you okay!?" It was Niall. I could tell he was worried about me from the panic I'm his voice.

I couldn't look up, I buried my face between my hands, and cried. It felt like my throat was closing, I was having a panic attack.

The only thing left in tact on the boy was his face. It was left in perfect condition, pale, and bloody, but it was in harmed.

I let this happen, I shouldn't have left, I should of stayed back today.

I couldn't stop crying, I had never felt an emotional pain like this before.

Caleb came in the room, he looked at the body, and looked away within a second. We might not act like it, but here we are All family, and I would risk my life for any one of these kids.

"District 13 is sending a chopper to pick up the bodies" Caleb said covering his nose from the stench that filled the room.

"Cam it isn't your fault" Niall said. I just put my hand up, I didn't want to hear anymore. I stood up, but I was still weak in the knees.

"Tell the kids to start cleaning up the mess in the kitchen before district 13 gets here" I said. My face was red, and swollen, I wiped away the tears.

"They will be here to get the story on what happened, and then pick up the bodies and leave." I said. I turned around to look at Niall, and Caleb again, "Go clean both of yourselves off, cover your injuries, they will investigate, and they are gonna do a damn good job." I left the room, and back out to the shop.

It would take half an hour until the chopper would get to the farm. I cleaned myself up, and changed my clothes, burned the old ones along with Niall's and Caleb's.

We carried the two Muts outside, and onto the front lawn. The one was still breathing, I knocked it against a tree to make sure it wasn't going to wake up anytime soon.

All of the kids on the farm were required to stand in order from youngest to oldest when the chopper arrived. We did all in the front yard.

"I want to speak with the head of the house hold" One of the men in black suits said looking towards me and Caleb. I nodded, and stepped forward from the line of children.

"We will interview you, and then all of the children one by one, we need every detail of the story. We are going to investigate the house, and make a report." I nodded.

I hates these people, they had no respect for the lives of people here.

He was just a soldier from the government, not from district 13 which I thought to be strange.

"One of the people here does not reside here, he was over for the day to help with the kids" I said. Not looking at the man.

I pointed back to Niall,

"Step forward boy" the soldier said.

Niall stepped out of line, and beside me.

" I need your name, and where you reside, and who you reside with" The soldier said holding a pen, and pad of paper.

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